View Full Version : Reflexes... anyone?

18-02-21, 15:41
Iím curious. Has any of your doctors or neuros stated you have brisk reflexes and positive Hoffmanís sign? I feel like Iíve had brisk reflexes my whole life but idk about the Hoffmanís thing.

Also, has any of them tested the babinksi? Mine didnít even test it and Iím wondering if they should have since I have brisk and Hoffmanís??

Anyone dealt with this?

Also do any of you struggle from body wide twitches as well?? I need to get out of this hole. My gosh Iím struggling.

19-02-21, 16:12
Yes I have brisk reflexes noted by my doctor. Mine are from ANXIETY as crazy as that may sound. Are you seeing a therapist? I have body wide twitches. You name a place on your body and I have had it there. Only place I havenít had twitching is my ear drum and Iím thankful for that. Take care of yourself

22-04-21, 15:09
Are your reflexes brisk throughout?

22-04-21, 15:24
Iíve posted something about this in here before. Iím wondering if anyone else here has brisk reflexes all throughout noted by doc as well as positive Hoffmanís sign? I have both. And itís making me crazy thinking about it and Iím so scared. I hate this hole Iím in. Almost 4 months in.

22-04-21, 16:09

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