View Full Version : Hand Cramping?

20-02-21, 16:52
Hi there, I've been a lurker for a while and just now kind of got I suppose worried enough to post. For starters I'm not stranger to twitching and random movements in my body it's something I've dealt with for many years. However for a bit now I've been experiencing cramp-like pain in my right hand, specifically the area near my thumb. I initially thought nothing of it, but the fact that it's been so persistent, especially when I am not doing anything (that I know of at least) to trigger it has got me a little nervous. I say the pain is cramp-like because I can flex and clench my hand when it happens and it doesn't make the pain any worse, like a normal charley horse would. It also seems to happen a bit more when I'm doing things like using scissors or holding a utensil. I've experienced twitching in that area, though only minorly.

I never really was worried about ALS before, and I certainly didn't expect this to send me close to spiraling, but anxiety is a tricky beast. The only thing that has been keeping me sort of rational is the fact that along with those symptoms I'm also experiencing tingling in that area as well, sort of like a buzzing, especially when I accidentally bonk my hand/arm against something and the sensation goes from my thumb all the way up my arm and from what I understand tingling isn't a symptom of ALS.

20-02-21, 17:28
No need to stress, sounds like a touch of tendinitis - I think it's carpal tunnel that affects that side of your hand. I've had it in the other side of my hand, occasionally it's been bad enough that it's affected my grip.

It's no big deal, just a bloody nuisance. Try ibuprofen gel, but rest and time are the best things to fix it.