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07-11-07, 19:24
Hello all,

hope your all well x right doctor has traken me off my much loved diazapam and put me on the above! its my first night off them:ohmy: so very worried.
Im not starting the above yet was going to try nothing at all tonight see how I go!
Anyone else on the above advice please?:)

((((Hugs)))) xx

07-11-07, 19:50
Hello :)

I had a low dose of Amitriptyline (10 or 20mg I think) for a while to help me sleep. From what I remember, it was quite good and did help me get some kip. I don't recall having any side effects at all, which was good.

I'm afraid I don't know much about it's effects on anxiety, but I certainly didn't have any problems with it.

Good luck xxx :flowers:

07-11-07, 20:01
thankyou xx ill try it I think as im feeling bit worried silly me :)

07-11-07, 20:20
Hi Emily :hugs:

Its only natral to feel a little worried when taken new meds, please don't be to hard on yourself :hugs:

When I was acute, I was put on this med, a small dose, 10mg, I was told by my gp, because of my worries of taken meds, that this med can be givin to children, in a small dose, who do not sleep well, this did make me feel a little better.

I feel that this med for me helped, I had NO, side effects at all. if you look at the bottom of this page there are other threads there with more info in them.

Hope this helps a little



07-11-07, 20:29

It's a big thumbs up for this medication from me. I had tried 2 different types which didn't work out but then when I was put onto Amitriptyline it was a big improvement, especially in getting a good nights sleep every time.

It did take a little while for the effects to kick in and please ignore the terrifying list of possible side effects you get with the pills... I didn't experience any of them at all, and as Jill has said, it is also recommended for children.

Take care and I hope you're feeling better soon.


07-11-07, 20:34
Hi Emily

I've been taking a low dose of amitryptiline (10mg) for three years at least.
I went to the Priory and was prescribed it there. The man said this dose
is equivalent to a half a pint of beer and chills you out. I take it at 9 p.m.
and it just slows you down a little bit for sleep. This dose is not very strong
but it is good.

Good Luck


07-11-07, 21:19
Thankyou all I have taken 2 5mg of diaxapam tonight I just had 2 as my panick started.
I will take the new meds tomor its just better the devil you know tonight I think x

07-11-07, 22:07
Hi Emily :hugs:

Ohh hun, its ok you taking the other meds, that fine hun, I do hope your feeling a little better.

I can be hard taking new meds, we do understand :hugs:

Please let us know how you get on

You take care :hugs:


08-12-08, 18:54

My doctor has just given me amtriptyline 10mg for sleep, but I am only to take it 2 nights a week. I have only taken one tablet so far and it was quite good, but never gave me a full nights sleep. It does relax you but at this dose it is a sleeping tablet. What I want to know is when people take it (for sleep). Do you take it a couple of hours before bedtime, or do you take it just on going to bed? I took mine at half 8 and I was in bed by half 9, although I dont think I got off to sleep until about 10.30. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks. And anyone taking these dont be scared, they are mild.


12-12-08, 18:28

My doctor has just given me amtriptyline 10mg for burning pain in my right arm and i do take other meds for angina i hope they work for the pain :)

14-12-08, 00:22
I take amitriptline for neck pain.I have 2 prolapses and it is meant to numb nerve endings. The only thing i did wrong with it was to go from 200mg to 50mg in 2 days.That was when my panic attacks really got bad.I have had to down it gradually and have finally gotten down to 100mg.I will never stop this medication as my dr assures me i can be on it for life.Phew!!1 It does worry my hubby though as he thinks i should be trying to get off it but i have major panics thinking about this.It does help you to sleep.