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10-11-07, 15:16
:blush:Hi everyone:blush:

This message will not be of use to everyone but to some it will i hope

I have been taking Buspar for 4 weeks at the moment, which is a type of medicine called an anxiolytic.

I started taking 10 mg per day i am now taking 15mg per day as 10mg is a small initial starting dose..i do feel it is starting to work.

I have Anxiety and Panic and have taken AD's in the past, which helped greatly, but i have had a bad flare up over the past month, quite severe and my doctor prescribed the Buspar to see if it helps instead of going back on AD'S yet if I had to.

I asked advice on the medication Buspar on here recently but alas there was not much info really...i was looking it up on the net and there was all sorts of contradicting things about it which does not help either especially ‘Googling’ lol

I saw my doctor who is very good and really helps and i took the opportunity to ask him properly about Buspar....so I could relay the information here so if there is anyone who needs to know or is taking it, it may help them.

So here goes...

It is a medicine called an Anxiolytic..Specifically for Anxiety

It is not a Benzodiazepine

It is not addictive like Benzodiazepines

It is not just for short term use and can be taken long term as prescribed by your Doctor, sometimes it is taken to augment the effect of Anti-depressants already being taken or to help combat sexual side effects/loss of lido from Anti-depressants

It can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to even start working and feel benefit, even longer for better benefit (not straight away or 1-2 weeks like i have read on the internet or some people have said, I think that must be a placebo effect, lol).

Starting dose is usually 10mg..2x5mg per day maybe 3x5mg in some cases...and can be increased up to 45mg a day....gradually later on if required.

I told my doctor that I had tried to find out information on Buspar and that there was so much contradicting stuff…I think the best person to ask is your doctor, I guess.

If anyone wants to ask anything else that I may have forgotten to put down(which is quite easy when you have Anxiety and Panic bad,lol) or general stuff about the benefits I am starting to feel then please feel free to ask.

I hope this is of use to someone

Best Wishes