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17-11-07, 12:37
Hi there,
I am new to this site.
I have had a panic disorder for the last 10 years. It was so awful and scary in the beginning years, but now it is not so bad. I am fine most of the time, but I tent to have relapses whenever life gets stressy.
I am having a whopper right now (we are buying a new house).

Anyway I think the scariest part for me is the spacy feeling I get when the anxiety is high. It makes me so scared and sad. I have 2 young children and I feel so far away from them when I feel this way.

Why do I get this. What is the reason? I struggle and struggle with why it happens.
I thought the other day maybe it is due to hyperventilation?
Could I be depriving myself of oxygen???

Sorry for the rant. Just so confused.


17-11-07, 12:43
Hello Jo,

Welcome to NMP. You will make lots of friends, and get great advice.

Have a good read in the self help section on the left side of forum. There's loads of good advice in there.

Try to stay positive and focus on the good not the bad. What are you doing when panic strikes? Are you distracting yourself with things or are you focussing in on the panic??

Building a home is very stressful, and you have children to look after also. Try to learn some relaxation, and calming yourself when you are upset. Sounds like your breathing is a problem. Do you do deep breathing exercises???

Hope this helps, and remember you aren't alone.

17-11-07, 12:48
thanks, will start to read. I feel like I have studied so much about this whole panic disorder, but then when it strikes again, I feel like a novice, back to square one...trying to figure out what is wrong with me.

To answer your question, I am always focusing on the panic when it comes. I think if I could train my mind not to think about it, it would go away. I feel like I am in a bad cycle. Sometimes I feel like I am my own worst enemy, tormenting myself with scary thoughts etc.

I am starting CBT this week and will also start some breathing exercises.
Thanks for the kind words.

17-11-07, 13:11
Hello Jo,

It's me again. Focusing on the panic, it's a bad habit that we all have, you have to really try to break that habit. Next time panic strikes, try this, do some deep breaths, and get up and move, run the vacum, scrub the tub, anything that makes you think about the chore on hand. It's hard to do this I won't lie to you, but it's the best thing that you can do.

There is nothing wrong with you, it's the way we have trained our brains. It's the fear, and you have to face that fear head on. Yes, it's hard, but once you don't fight the fear, the panic attacks will become less, and less. Yes, I went through hell, until I finally said: Screw you panic, I have the right to live my own life. I am no different from others. An so what if I have an attack in public, who will know? Guess what I haven't had an attack in public , yes I still have my moments, but I have learnt that if I get moving, they go away. Remember you can beat this, and all it takes is every hard work on your part.

Try keeping a panic diary, this will show you what you are doing and how you are responding to things. Rate your panic 1-5 but don't worry about the numbers. I found that some of my diet was a big problem for me. I have count way back on coffee, coke and sugars. They seem to trigger the panic.

Ok sorry for the journal. You can beat it, don't give up.
Remember you aren't alone.

17-11-07, 13:11
Hi Jo

Welcome to NMP, its lovely to see you here, im sure you will get some great advice, support and make new friends too.:)


17-11-07, 13:29
Hello Jo :welcome: to you!

Glad you found us, you're among people who know exactly what you're going through so try not to be too scared now -easier said than done I know!

Yes, you're right when you say you're stuck in the circle of anx-panic-fear-anx etc. But, this circle can be broken - there are many accounts to support this on here.

Make a concious decision to stand tall, face the panic - and then let it go through you, not squash you, and I guarantee you will see a glimmer of light at the end of that dark tunnel.

Pleased to meet you!


17-11-07, 14:03
Hi Jo,

A big warm welcome to you. xx

Pink Princess
17-11-07, 18:05
hey there xxx

welcome to the site xxx


take kare xxx

17-11-07, 19:07
Hello Jo,

Very common with anxiety.

What helped me a lot was going to my local book store. I found a great book that was Called Coping With Anxiety and i was amazed how much it helped.. You may want to give that a try or you can read Nic's Notes on the side;
Or use the search button to find posts from others that have dealt with the same symptoms..

Take care Jo!

17-11-07, 19:47
Hi Jo

:welcome: aboard and lovely to see you here.

Hope we can be of some help.

17-11-07, 22:09
That feeling of being slightly detached from reality is a scary one and it is something I have experienced since I was about five. I would have it in School assemblies and would then feel very panicked andhave to leave the room.... when I feel it coming on now I can distract myself, if I allow it to absorb me then I feel terrified almost.
Feeling panicky is a horrible feelin, and can be debilitating, but it cannot harm us.

18-11-07, 12:10
Hi Jo and :welcome:

You'll get loads of advice and support here while making new friends along the way.

Take care,

Mike :)

18-11-07, 18:50

Welcome to the forum, you will get a lot of good advice here and make some new friends

Take care

Trac xx