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14-02-05, 20:57
Hello everyone

Just thought i'd post a message to air some of the stuff that's happened to me in the past week.
As you may or not know, i'm unemployed at the mo. But last week managed to find a job![Yeah!] I started on Tuesday, but me being me started to worry and stress. which meant although I was incredibly tired after my first shift, could I sleep? Could I heck!
So as the week went on, i was looking more and more drained and uninterested, even though the opposite were true. I just couldn't sleep, I tried everything even went as far as to buy some whale music! Did it help? Did it heck!
Well i went in on Friday, finished my shift @5pm. They rang me at 5.30pm ( didn't have the guts to tell me to my face) to tell me I had the wrong personality for the position, and didn't gel with the staff quick enough! I was there for 3 bloody days! Thing is I pride myself on my personality (well when I'm around people anyways), and as for not gelling with the staff, most of my friends are people that have worked for me in the past, so I know that's a load of crap! I was so upset, went to my friends pub, got drunk! Needless to say it didn't help! Spoke to all my really good friends when i was half-cut, they tried to make me feel better. My parents gave me all the support I needed. But it's the first time I have ever been sacked from anything!
it's just now, I'm finding it difficult to even get back into looking for a job! the thought of someone who hasn't got a clue to what I'm like, has managed to make me feel 2cm tall.
Am so very angry with the nasty people! Am more angry at the fact they waited til I was out of the building to tell me!! How rude is that?!? I can't help thinking it was because I looked so very tired, but I had explained that I wasn't sleeping well. oh well whinge over.
On a lighter note, one of my old employee's asked me to be his special lady for Valentines today! Bless him! Don't know how to gel with staff indeed, what an excuse for ' no sleep deprived here'
Katie xx

put things in perspective, take a balanced view, when u start to count your troubles, count your blessings too.

14-02-05, 22:34
Katie ,

Sorry to hear your news and well done for going in when you felt so tired .

In can understand you feel despondant about finding a new job. Did you like that one or was it ' it will do ' one and onwards to better pastures new.

Good luck

You cannot conquer fear until you have learned what it is you're afraid of. The enemy is ignorance. Vivian Vance

14-02-05, 23:38
Hi Katie

So sorry that was the last thing you needed.

Dont blame yourself at all, people who dont suffer dont understand the effect it has on us. I am sure in time as you feel better you will get another job and cope really well.

You have made the biggest step by getting out there and trying.

Well done you and dont let this push you back at all.

Lots of Love Sal xxxxx

15-02-05, 14:41
So sorry to hear that Katie, omg 3 days isnt enough to get to know anyone, stupid people. Just think katie there loss not yours? take care. Vernon

15-02-05, 16:27
Don't give up Katie!

I don't know your issues etc., but am wondering if a step by step approach would help here?

Have you considered doing some unpaid work for just a few hours a week? Something not too stressful like working in a charity bookshop?

I was off work for several months and was advised to go back in for 2 or 3 hours a day. It only worked for 10 days, but I think the theory was right...

Take care,


15-02-05, 16:46
Sorry to hear your news Katie but, as Vernon said, it's their loss not yours..

Jobs come and go, we have to have money in life but in the scheme of things jobs aren't really that important when it boils down to it - friends and loved ones are far more significant.

Don't take it personally and look forward - you'll find something even better really soon I'm sure

Good luck and good health


15-02-05, 19:07
sorry to hear you lost the job i think a lot of it stems from ignorance (other peoples that is) im sure in time you will get something else and probably better too

fan x

15-02-05, 19:58
hi katie,
well, it's definitely their loss and calling you to tell you after you'd left for the day is the most cowardly thing ever.

my mum always tells me that everything happens for a reason. it drives me mad every time she says it (you know what mums are like) , but sometimes it's actually true. maybe this has happened because there is a much better job waiting for you round the corner.

anyway, i hope that you've managed to catch up on some sleep and that you had a lovely valentine's day.

take care,
henri x

15-02-05, 21:10

So sorry to hear that you lost the job - I bet you felt like it was all your fault, but it wasn't ok?

It is their loss and you WILL get an even better job with nicer people.

I know it has knocked your confidence but you can fight back and you will get another job.

Hope it works out for you soon.


16-02-05, 12:56
Thanks for the words everyone! Now I've had time to reflect all I want to do is forget about it, and get back on the job seeking band wagon. (And go and Poke their eyes out, but i'm not bitter).
Have applied for 2 jobs already today which is promising. More to the point it's promising that I got my backside out of bed before 12noon today. Still in my jamas though! Ah well, one step at a time!

Katie xx

put things in perspective, take a balanced view, when u start to count your troubles, count your blessings too.

16-02-05, 18:50
Hi Katie

Sorry to hear about the job. You were treated really badly.

Well done for getting straight back to job hunting and applying for two jobs today. You'll find something better.

All you can do is take it one step at a time. I'm suffering from depression, among other things, and also find it difficult to get out of bed. Most days it is difficult to get dressed and I feel bad that I'm not able to motivate myself enough to get up and do something. This is common with depression though.

You're doing well. Good luck with the job hunting.


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