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26-11-07, 15:35
Hi all, im really worried i am 5 weeks pregnant and taking seroxat. I have read that it can cause the baby heart probs etc.

Has anyone been pregnant whilst taking seroxat? and how was it.

I have been on Seroxat for many years so cant just stop taking it. I am going to see my g.p on Wednesday.

Just really need some reasurance.

Thanks Suzi xx

26-11-07, 20:35
Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and there are similar threads about this med and pregnancy - may help.

24-04-08, 10:19
I have had two babies while taking 30mg of seroxat, there were no side effects for the babies and they are both perfect, there is no evidence to suggest that this medication is a problem for the unborn child. I even breast fed both mine. Worrying about taking seroxat while pregnant is probably worse for you and the baby than the actual medication is!!!
Hope this puts your mind at rest, pm me if you want to know anything else.
Good luck and congrats!!! Charlie xxxx

24-04-08, 10:29
Hi there,

I don't want to worry you, as I'm sure your GP will tell you what you should be doing. Only, I do want to be honest in my experience.

I used to take Seroxat/Paroxetine, and when I fell pregnant, I was told by my doctor that I must wean myself off it as soon as I can and change to another. I'm guessing that some Doctors have strong views about this, but it all depends on how they feel, every Doctor usually has a different opinion.

I understand it's hard not to worry but wait until you see your doctor and then follow their guildlines. They will know whats best.

Take care and good luck with your pregnancy :flowers: x