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26-11-07, 22:42
Hi everyone I am Lucyma and am on the drug buspirone I have found it helps and yet doesn't do what I quite think I need it to do?.I am on 5X 10 mgs per day and I get very light headed as the doses are too much for me eg 2x10 in the morning 2x10 at lunch time,I get lightheaded and feel wacked out as in tired lethargic sets in? I feel I am on th ewrong dosage I have tried 4x per day and I get anxiety looming up again.
I have not come right since being for years on benzodiazapines just 4xdaily yet I took 3 years to wean myself off them and now two years and a few months on having been off them I still am not feeling right.

i am on blood pressure tabs and they may also have side effects,yet the lightheadedness is coming on straight after I take the double dose of buspirone? I have tried to wean back to four a day and I feel anxious,is this a drug that any of you are familiar with. would dearly love any opinions about my dosages .
I now am trying one in the morning one at lunch time and one at say 4 p.m in th eafternoon and two at bedtime.Thanks for reading this and thanks for any advise.:) :hugs:

27-11-07, 19:42
Hi there

I don't know much about this med but there are loads of other posts that you can read for reassurance.

Have a search for them or scroll down to the bottom of the page for some other threads.