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28-11-07, 08:44
Has anyone ever quit diazepam cold turkey?
I just can't be a pill addict anymore, I'm too young to waste my life on eating this shit.
I want my life back.

Just read the withdrawl symptoms can last up to 2months is this true?

28-11-07, 10:20
I think i know a bit about this:wacko:
I have been on diazepam 9 years, got worse and worse for taking em and ended up taking 12mg per day.
I like you decided enough was enough and asked my doctor to help me get off em.
well, he dropped me straight away from 12mg to 6mg per day and it was sheer hell, i have never been through anything like it.
it would take me all day to explain how i felt, i am still on 6mg at the moment as he doesn't think i'm ready to drop anymore yet.

One thing i would advise is NEVER EVER go cold turkey, get help if you really want to come off them.
take a bit of notice of someone who's been there, done it and worn the tee shirt please.............. it's not easy:lac:

29-11-07, 11:06
I've been on 5mg-10mg for a few months, just eating whenever I feel like:P
The thing is, I want to kick the habbit fast, I don't want this anymore, i can't stand the muscle weakness and low libido I'm just 19

29-11-07, 12:09
I came off that dosage a few years having been on it for about 2 years. I did it very slowly and therefore had no problems. Get your doc to give you a programme and it should be ok.

29-11-07, 12:53
I don't think anyone should ever contemplate going cold turkey as it's really not a good idea at all. If you don't want your GP to help you then please go to http://www.benzoisland.org/benzoforum/ and register there and ask for them to help you with a withdrawal schedule.

30-11-07, 03:35
Hi there,
I was on diazepam for at least 3 years and on a much higher dose but I managed to get off them after 6 months.

I feel that because you haven't been taking them so long and because you're on a much lower dose, you could get off them much quicker but I wouldn't advise just stopping them because your anxiety will shoot through the roof!

It's Very important to remember percentages. If you're taking 10mg, then try reducing by 2mg but no more. Give it a week or 2 and see how you feel. If you feel ok, you could try reducing further and so on but remember as the mg's get smaller, the mg's you reduce by should also be smaller as per percentages.

I found that if I started feeling too shakey I'd increase the mg's up a bit and leave things at that level for a little longer. Your body needs time to adjust but it's quite possible to do and should be quite quick for you.

I would though advise that you talk to your doctor. I'm sure they'll be glad you want to come off them and be happy to help and advise you how to get off them safely.

30-11-07, 05:13
:hugs: 10 years ago I went cold Turkey from Valium and it was horrific. I couldn't function for months. I was taking 5-10 mg for about 10 months last year and I reduced 2mg every two weeks without any problems at all. I now only take them as and when I need them - probably 5mg about once a week. Don't feel guilty. I know there is a lot of bad press about Valium but some people really benefit from them - they really help me with presentations. Don't put yourself through hell just for the sake of it. Take your time and look after yourself. You will know what feels right for you.

30-11-07, 06:24
Back in 1984 I broke my neck and the GP put me on 45mg/day as a muscle relaxant.
I took em for a couple of years and then went off em cold turkey(with the help of a LOT of alcohol) and wouldn't recommend it.
The dose you're on isn't a big prob.
I've been on 10mg/day for 4 yrs due to anx and they reckon as long as you don't keep wanting to up the dose you're OK
Phill :shades: