View Full Version : Eeek Dentist In 2 Hrs Time 5pm!!!!!

29-11-07, 16:17
Oh No:lac:

I have to go to the dentist this afternoon:lac:

Ive become an expert at not worrying in advance but now theres just 2 hours to go!!!!!:ohmy:

Its a new dentist as my old one was useless:lac:

Could I have some good luck vibes peeps???:wacko:

I have some diazipam but dont want to take it cos Im going to the pub tonight:yesyes:

Luv (a very wobbly)Kaz x x x:hugs:

29-11-07, 16:27
good luck vibes coming your way kaz and some hugs

:hugs: :bighug1: :bighug:

jodie xxxx

29-11-07, 16:38

I'll be thinking of you. I'm not good with Dentist's myself. :wacko:

Sending positive vibes your way. :flowers:

Love and hugs from shoegal xxx

29-11-07, 16:44
Thank You both:hugs:

Just discovered my rescue spray is in my car which is parked outside hubbys office 5 miles away:weep:

Oh well.....

Kaz x x x

29-11-07, 16:46
Just take some bottled water to sip hun and you'll be fine.

Love Piglet :flowers:

29-11-07, 16:51
Thanks Piglet:hugs:

Wonder if the dentist would notice if I replaced water for vodka lol:yesyes:

Same colour innit:shrug:

Luv Kaz x x x:hugs:

29-11-07, 17:04

do you have a personal stereo or ipod you can take to use

Have some :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: you will be fine matey

Trac xxx

29-11-07, 17:10
Urrrgh! Dentist?

Rather you than me Kaz lol !!

I'd send you an encouraging and inspirational txt:noangel: - but me credit's run out on me mobly and me credit card is at home in me other handbag (not the one with the RR wet-patch lol!):blush:

What a pair eh? :huh:

Seriously - I'd go with the vodka mate :yesyes: !!

Sending you loads and loads of possi-vibes !!


:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


29-11-07, 17:11
Hi Kazzie,

:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
Hope all goes well, you will be fine hun. PMSL at replacing the water for vodka, think they might notice that tho.

Heres some more positive vibes for you.


29-11-07, 17:39
Good luck Kazz,you will be ok.Think of the pub tonight!!!!!:yesyes: :yesyes: :yesyes:
Let us know how it goes.

29-11-07, 17:55
Good luck i went to the dentist the other day and had a wisdom tooth out bloody killed and now i got to go back and have more fillings :O uh o and maybe another tooth out i am not looking foward to it :) not to mean to worry you or owt oh no im rammbleing on sorry

Pink Princess
29-11-07, 18:43

you'll be fine kaz kaz and be home before you know it xxxxxxxxxxx

squeeze squeeze :)


29-11-07, 20:20
Hi Kazzie

Hope all went well at the dentist today:hugs: , i really need urgent treatment on my back wisdom tooth as it as broken right down to the gum and im sure it will next taking out(whats left of it) i have had a awful taste in my mouth the last few days.:ohmy: Im just so afraid of the dentist, will be looking for your reply later to see how it went:hugs:

P.s i whizzed passed Ozzys reply it was enough to put me off!......lol:ohmy:
lol, Joking apart well done Ozzy too:hugs:


29-11-07, 20:26
aww kaz hope all went ok mate i am sure you are at pub right now lol having a drink to take your mind off it :yesyes:

jodie xxxxx

29-11-07, 20:53
Thanks you lovely lot:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Well Im not at pub lol they are closed(long story)

Dentist was ok

The dentist is a polish lady, very nice:yesyes:

After she had looked around she told me the good news:wacko:

I need loads of treatment:lac:

She is going to start deep cleaning in Jan:lac:

Which may make some teeth fall out:wacko:
But we will worry about that if it happens:wacko:

Well I knew I needed a few bits doing but ffs:lac:

I knew my old dentist was useless but I shouldent need all this doing:lac:

I go to the dentist every 6 months:weep:

Hubby has been once in his life and had one tooth out:mad:

He had a check up today and he needs 2 fillings......where is the justice in this world ???rofl

Ah well will have to change my name to gummy lol

In the words of the infamous Pam Ayres "Oh I Wish Id Looked After Me Teeth"

Thanks Again:flowers:

Luv Kaz x x x:hugs:

29-11-07, 21:09
Sorry to hear you had a tough time at the dentists Kazz. Here's some big huggies.

:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Take care,

Mike :)

29-11-07, 22:08
WELL DONE KAZZIE!!! :yesyes:

I'm so pleased you've done it and got it out of the way. The anticipation is always the worst bit. Sorry to hear you need work doing, but I'm sure it's for the best in the long run.

Take care.

Love and hugs from shoegal xxx

29-11-07, 23:06
Well done for going Kaz :yesyes: You are very brave :hugs:

I'm sorry you need work done. Hugs for you :hugs: :hugs:

Karen xx

29-11-07, 23:12
I have a polish lady too Kaz and she's lovely aswell!!

And I'm just like you love cos I wished I'd looked after me fangs too - all those penny sweets eh Kaz. The front ones arent too bad but every back tooth is filled face, sides and back etc!!!!

Love Piglet :flowers:

29-11-07, 23:20

WELL DONE for going to the dentist! Sorry the pub was closed though:weep: , you deserved a drink for been so brave !:)


29-11-07, 23:26
Thanks Gang:hugs:

ROFL Piglet.......all them sodding black jacks and fruit salads eh:winks:

Aw well best get fangs sorted eh lol

On the bright side I can munch my way thru all the Xmas choccies cos if Im losing them all then what the hell:yesyes:

Actually my mate has some falsies and very good they look too lol:yesyes:

Least me boobs will still be me own lol

Luv Kaz x x x:hugs:

30-11-07, 00:18
Hi Kaz,

Sorry I was not about earlier to send good luck vibes but I will now say well done instead :hugs: I am glad the dentist was nice.

Sorry you need work done though :hugs:

My hubby is the same, not fair is it. He cleans his teeth once a week only sometimes and yet he goes and they tell him nothing needs doing and how well he looks after them and how well he cleans them! :mad: Not fair at all is it.

My dentist told me though that people have one of two types of bacteria in their mouths - one sort does not lead to much decay or many problems and the other does - so that may explain why my hubby needs no work maybe lol. He obviously has the right bacteria!

Lisa x

Pink Princess
30-11-07, 03:47
lol kazzie you do make me giggle you do!

well done for being a good girl at dentist i hope they gave you a sticker lol

keep positive xxxxxxxx

30-11-07, 17:33
you did it kaz be proud of that you can do it i wish you well........linda

30-11-07, 21:26
Well done indeed mate!

Er, you might find these in yer Christmas stocking....just in case you overdo it with the munchies and can't get an appointment for Boxing Day !!


Big ugs though for a being a very brave Kaz !!:yesyes:

:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


30-11-07, 23:59
Lol at you lot:D :D :D

Luv Kaz x x x:hugs:

01-12-07, 05:35

First of all so proud of you that you even went, second I'd want to get a hand around your first dentist... Oh well, at least you will get them fixed once and for all. You were very brave to go in and face your fears.

Huge hugs,