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02-12-07, 17:45
Hi all,
I have just realised by reading threads that i am suffering with depersonalisation. I didn't really know anything about it until now.
I always wondered why i had this fog in my head and was looking at the world through a haze as if everything was just too much for me to take in. Doing everything robotic. I find it difficult to understand why if this is your brains way of protecting you, why do these feelings make you so miserable.

02-12-07, 17:56
exactly, u feel like a robot- better way of putting it! to my knowledge, i guess every anxiety symptom happens to protect u, but i cant see how this one does so? mmmm...

03-12-07, 10:22
hi sherdac i to have suffered depersonlisation its absolutely awful your certainly not alone i felt astho i was in world of my own .i havnt had it for a while now doc says its to do with anxiety depresion my head felt kind of strange like cotton wool very hard to explain realy you will get better tho it just takes time tc elainexx

03-12-07, 23:09
Hi Sherdac

Try this link too from the common symptoms section, your certainly not alone in the way you are feeling hun.:hugs: