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05-12-07, 19:00
Here i am again!!!

Have posted a couple of times in the last 2 weeks or so. I had a Breast check up at Dr's, as i had become obssesed with checking; she said everything was fine. This was 2 weeks ago! since then i have started taking my Anti/D's (Anti/D@s) again, in the hope it would level me out a bit; and there is some improvement.

Im just concerned as my Breasts have been tender on and off for those 2 weeks, especially nipple area; just like when your due for your period, but im not due on for a week or so yet. i find it's hardly there in the morning, and if im lucky i have a good day and it dos'nt get any worse, or it gets quite unccomfortable as the day goes on and i worry all the time about it . i find if have a drink in the evening i must relax and it does'nt seem to bad, but 9times out of 10 the next day i suffer; can alcohol makes things worse the next day?

My Husband keeps saying to go to the Dr for her to put my mind at rest but im scared she'll send me for a Mammogramm ( don't think iv'e spelt that right ) and i'll be convinced iv'e got the dreaded and be a wreak till the examination and afterwards till i get the results.

Have read through all the posts here and i can relate to all the other symptoms people have talked about having, as i have had them myself; just would love to talk to someone who has had this, and can Anxiety and constant worry about something actually make the symptom worse, is the mind that powerfull?

So tired, worried and fed-up, just need a pep talk and some advise.
Hope to hear from someone soon,

Thanks for taking the time to read,


05-12-07, 19:08
Hi Mandy,

I too suffer with sore breasts which start about two weeks before my period and sometimes they are that sore i cant even bear to touch them. The pain normally subsides when my period finishes but within a week start feeling sore and tender again. My doc seems to think its hormonal as I never suffered like this whilst I was on the pill. I dont take any contraception now as my husband had a vasectomy.

Personnally, since coming off the pill I feel worse but the doc is reluctant to put me back on it as I am nearly 40. I too drink a couple of glasses of red wine nearly every night which helps me take my mind of the pain.

I hope this has made you feel better and if you try and take evening primrose oil that does help a little

Take care hun


05-12-07, 20:54
Hi Mandy,

Ohh you can count me in on sore breast too, ohh boy, it can last for days a week, it seems, I think its my age, but I can't seem to put times on things these days, my body is all over the place.

With me, each month in different, this month I have not come on yet, BUT, have been in pain for over 2 weeks, ooche, mmm, hormones have a lot to answer for, don't they.

Drinking alcahol can make you feel worse next day, are bodys are low and we can feel more anxiety.

Hun, are your breast sore all the time, no matter what time of the month, or does it come and go.

Try writing a dairy, to see if theres a patten, have you changed your soap powder or soap or change the type of bra you wear, nipples can be very sensitive to change,

Sorry I have not been of much help, but I do hope things improve soon.



05-12-07, 21:10
they say that you should only really check your breasts once a month at the same time of the month due to the changes which occure during the month. If you are worried, Llodys pharmacy sell a breast checking kit with a dvd and instructions on how to check your breasts. If you are worried it is worth going to your docs again if you feel there is a problem don't let them fob you off.

Hope things get better,
Take care,

05-12-07, 21:10
Hi I've had that (new) symptom recently, about 2 weeks before my period was due. Near the nipple area like you said, I kind of ignored it (that's a first, I'm proud of myself) until now that you mentioned it and it kind of reassured me that I'm not the only one.
My conclusion is that it must be hormonal. Anyway you know if it was more serious, I thought that cancer wasn't painful? Sorry to be blunt but a doctor said that to me once when I was worried about a sore lump somewhere (don't ask me where I've no idea!! :D ), they said that usually if a lump is cancerous it's not sore.

06-12-07, 12:51
Hi Mandy, i was quite spooked out about your post because it sounds so much like me. The last few weeks have been a nightmare for me as i just got it into my head that i might have breast cancer and i've just been obsessed by it. I went to the doctors a couple of weeks ago and she checked them and told me everything was fine, then the other day i felt like i just couldnt cope any more and made an emergency appointment to see her again because i just couldnt get it out of my head that something might be wrong. I felt really ashamed that i was bothering my doctor again about nothing but she was really understanding and kind, and she has really reassured me and i'm back to feeling 'normal'.

My main worry is being sent for extra tests (mammograms etc.) cos i feel like i just can't cope with the anxiety that will cause. I think really that i am more scared of going for tests and how i would cope with that than i am about actually getting cancer :blush: :mad: . That sounds really weird doesnt it? :shrug:

I have been to the doctors before about sore breasts, i had them for weeks and convinced myself it must be something bad, my doctor told me that breast tenderness is really common and is not a symptom of cancer.

I hope your anti depressants will help alleviate your anxiety about this. I have worked myself into such a state about it i am now taking increased medication which i'm hoping will get me back to normal.

There are lots of us here who know how horrible and exhausting health anxiety is.

Take care :hugs:

06-12-07, 19:26
Hello everyone.

Thankyou so much to everyone who took the time to reply to my post, it really makes a difference.

I got up this morning and decided i could'nt take another day feeling like i did, so i bit the bullet and went to see the doctor. Glad to say she wasn't concerned and said the sore boob problem is very common, it'd all due to Hormones and fluid build up. so feeling a lot better then i did.

Going to see the dr's counsellor for a few sesions to try and establish what will be the best route for me treatment wise; i know it may not mean a full recovery, but any improvement has to be a good thing.

Thanks again,

Hope we can all enjoy our weekend anxiety free.