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21-02-05, 14:24
I am extremely claustrophobic, to the point where I haven't been in a life for about 20 years (apart from about twice when I've been in a glass lift) and can't use the deep tube lines on the London underground. Its definitely been getting worse as I've got older. I'm waiting for the doctor to reference me for CBT but before that happens I am going to Seattle and want to go up the tower, only accessible by lift!! Does anyone have any pointers to help me keep calm as I really want to go up there but know that its going so far out of my comfort zone. Just thinking about going in the lift is making me panic.

21-02-05, 15:52
hi and welcome im sorry i cant help with this but im sure loads of people will have some good advice for you

fan x

21-02-05, 16:29
Hi & Welcome Georgia

Try 'Bach's Rescue Remedy' it's a herbal product which many find effective at relaxing the mind, especially when when you are fearful or anxious.

Give a day or so to kick in and then take it when you have particularly stressful situations arising.

Hope this helps.

Best Wishes Mo.

21-02-05, 16:33
Ps. I presume you mean LIFT and not LIFE !!


Best wishes

21-02-05, 19:22

Welcome aboard.

I don't like lifts either so I avoid them where possible!

Certainly get some Rescue Remedy from a chemist that will take the edge of it.

Have you thought about Hypnotherapy - I had it cos I was scared to go back on a plane since suffering from panic attacks. The reason being that I get claustrophobic. It really helped and I went on the plane.

May be worth considering?


14-03-05, 21:22

I have a similar problem as you Georgia, I just can't do the tubes, especially the deep ones. I was able to 6 months ago, but after hyperventilating whilst on one, I havent been on those tubes since. I am able to do the other tubes if I have someone with me, but am really stressed while on it. I fear that if the tube stops in a tunnel, that I will start to hyperventilate.

I was hoping someone out there would be able to recommend a hypnotherapist in London to help me destress and deal with me fear of hyperventilating.


05-04-05, 16:27
thanks for all the replies to my post. just wanted to let you know that I did manage to go in the tower in seattle and even better than that I took several lifts while we were in america, including one to our 34th floor hotel room! I've realised I can do this and have even started using the lift at work.

05-04-05, 20:32
Thats great news . Well done Georgia

It is great progress and good that you're practicing it too.


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