View Full Version : Is there ever going to be any respite? :(

09-12-07, 23:49
Ive been suffering with anxiety for quite a while now and ive tried to manage it on my own but i think im failing miserably. i always seem to take one step forwards and be really postive and then two steps back and there just seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel again.

In most social situations i feel pretty ill but ive sort of just plodded along and its gettig worse. Im developing issues with eating now, its mainly infront of others at the moment, restaraunts or going round to a friends house for a meal are the worst. As soon as the food is served i feel sick and each mouthful makes me feel more and more nauseous and i cannot manage to eat at all.

Its also having an effect on my love life. I can be really confident with certain people but as soon as i find out they are interested in me that all goes out the window and i feel sick when im around them and the thought of being in a situation where id be on my own with them for a certain amount of time makes me feel even worse!

It also takes it toll on my body like if i get hurt relationship wise mainly or have some kind of sudden stress in my life like for instance if i find out someone i like is with someone else my body melts down and it makes me throw up and then be off my food for days.

Its just getting to the point now where id do anything to just be able to go to the cinema or something and not panic or be able to react to being emotionally hurt in a rational way!!!!

21-12-07, 02:04
Try to forgive yourself a bit more. Remember that anxiety can is cyclical. Sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down.

The important thing is to keep a positive, goal oriented attitude.

You can have the best life possible. It's as simple as deciding to have it.

Warmest Regards,

21-12-07, 02:11
Hi Platdx,

Nice to meet you.
Agree with Rachel.
Have you seen your Doc for a proper diagnosis?
It's much easier to deal with your problems when you know exactly what you are facing.
Try to remember just how tough your bad days have been , yet knowing that you have actually come through them.Draw strength from this.
Best wishes for your recovery,

One day at a time