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Pink Panic
10-12-07, 19:30
Hi all,

Can any of you lovely people give me your experiences of Quetiapine please?
After having a really bad day today and the CPN contacting my Psych he has prescribed 25mg Quetiapine, one to be taken three times a day.

I'm absoluetly terrified of taking the tablet but was told that I must and I suppose it can't make me feel much worse than I have been today.
I self harmed today too and now I'm totally ashamed but at the time it was the only way of getting a release.

Love & Hugs

10-12-07, 20:12
Try this ..


Pink Panic
10-12-07, 20:28
Thanks Nic.


10-12-07, 21:39
May make you really sleepy


10-12-07, 21:41
Take the med it may help.

The self harming could have just been a way of venting frustration - look at it as if you were smashing a cup on the floor. Some people may want to use a punch bag to vent anger/frustration - whatever - unfortunately you took it out on yourself. It doesn't mean that you will do it again though. Put it out of your head now.

Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

11-03-08, 23:41
I was also given 25 ml Quetiapine tablets by the doctor to be taken 3 times a day. I did not like the experience of taken the these tablets. They made me feel more dreamy and subduded. At first it made me mellow and I suddenly felt well as if I had all of a sudden been cured. This was strange as I had only taken one tablet. However within less than an hour of taking the tablet I got a splitting headache which triggered a panic attack. I paniced more than usual as my thoughts were more hazy, and I felt drowsy too. However this drowiness was accompanied by a sense of panic because it was making me less alert and not feel as in control. I drank caffeine hoping to rid myself of the drowiness which was making me panic and feel like a zombie but it didnt work. So I drank more and more cups of coffee. Eventually my heart rate suddenly went up and this happened very suddenly. It was beating faster than any time it had done even when i have had panic attacks thinking im going to have a heart attack. I didnt think I was going to have a heart attack though only that it was very odd. My vision started to flash more and more and I felt like I was walking 2 steps behind myself. What's more I kept slipping into day dreams and got a sense of de ja vu. I was terrified I was going to have an epileptic fit and I looked on the internet and found that 1/120 people who take this drug have siezures. I was then terrified. I made myself sick as many times as I could manage then drank lots of water. Before I had taken the tablet I was not panicing at all. Infact I thought it would make me better. But never again.