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Social Phobe
10-12-07, 22:32
Hi guys.

I'd really like to get some help with building my confidence which will hopefully reduce my anxiety and make me feel better overall.

Does anyone know if there are any courses or classes or something? I don't know where to go. I live in the London area so if anyone could recommend anything around there then I'd be very grateful. I don't want to be ripped off, so what should I look out for? And does confidence building classes really exist? And if not if anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it.

Hopefully somone will have some good ideas/advice. Thanks in advance!

10-12-07, 22:34
You probably are talking about self-esteem courses and I went on one through the GP surgery so maybe ask your doc if they do such a thing.

10-12-07, 23:15
HI Social

I did a Assertiveness course a few year ago at my local college, it was realy helpful at building up my confidence.
If you give your local college a call they may be able advice if they have any such courses in your area.

Good luck

celia davies
10-12-07, 23:24
You should make a visit to your gp they will advise you on what to do
good look celia xx

12-12-07, 18:52
i was looking at a class to go to - but they all seem so expensive!!

13-12-07, 04:34
I've attended these types of classes.

I'd agree with the others in suggesting you talk to your gp and ask them to contact the local mental health team. They hold these classes free of charge and unlike getting help from a therapist, it shouldn't take too long if they are holding any classes at the time.

I found them very helpful and I do feel it's the right way forward.

13-12-07, 10:37
I completed a short online free Confidence Building course in the past.

13-12-07, 21:07
the BBC do a free online course in confidence building


18-12-07, 15:09
Hi Social,

Some great advice posted.
I think I will check out the one Lou recomended myself!!
Thanks for that Lou,
Good luck Social,
Best wishes,

Social Phobe
18-12-07, 21:29
Thanks for the replies everyone.

I have been to my GP before about my anxiety. All he did was give me a leaflet with some phone numbers in and I had to phone the mental health centre and arrange an assessment. Once I had that I was put on a 1 hour a week, 4 week course, which was a sort of group CBT thing. So I don't think going down that route again would be very helpful, but I guess it wouldn't hurt asking what else is available.

I did have a look at a few college websites and all of the courses seem to be very expensive, and I'm not really sure how good or credible they may be. Paying a lot could be justified if you get great results, but it's hard to know beforehand if you will.

I will try the website lou gave though, it does look interesting. Thank you very much for postig it.

I will try and get some books on it too, although I was hoping for something a little more practical.

Thanks again everyone.