View Full Version : Girlfriend broke up with me last night

All Time Low
22-12-07, 01:29
We'd been going out for a month. Things had been pretty good until we had an argument last Sunday over something stupid. I accused her of not caring about me. She said she didn't have to defend herself and she didn't know if there was any point in us anymore. Anyway, i phoned her to apologise, we made up, we saw each other on Wednesday night and everything was fine.

Anyhow, the next night, she told me she felt she was too busy for a relationship. Then when i questionned this (she has an incredibly easy lifestyle tbh) she changed her story to being unable to afford a relationship (again, a touch weird considering i pay for all our dates). Eventually just told me she would always put her friends before me and there was no point.

Very confusing. Very annoying. Just thought i'd rant :mad:

22-12-07, 02:30
Hi , sounds to me as though your better off without this girl, she does,nt seem to know what she wants.A whole month eh. well like they say their plenty of more fish in the sea. you seem like a nice guy and she does,nt deserve you.

22-12-07, 05:36
Sending you (((HUGS))) !!!

Pink Princess
22-12-07, 10:10

big hugs for you xxxxxxxx