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24-02-05, 18:49
Hi Guys,

Can anyone tell me the cheapest and most reliable way to buy Valium (Diazepam) online? Im in the UK. My Doctor won't prescribe it.

This is something I am going to do regardless as I've given it much thought so no lectures please!!!

Also, does Valium react badly with alcohol???


24-02-05, 19:00
is valium something you can buy on line im not sure,and no lecture but hang around here for a while and you might find you dont need it

fan x

24-02-05, 19:05
Steerpike -

By the nature of the market you're dealing with the most reliable will not be the cheapest.

I'm sure I read in a magazine a list of a few of the most reputable ones. I'll have a hunt.
Please, if you're going to do this put reliability over price.

They don't complement each other at all but unfortunately many people do mix them with varying degrees of reactions.

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24-02-05, 19:46
Hi Steerpike,

What do you want these for? Is it anxiety? If you are suffering why isn't your GP prescribing something to help? Tranquillizers have a part to play but they are very addictive, look after yourself.


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24-02-05, 20:50
Thanks for the advice guys. Yeah its for anxiety. I just about tried eveything else (Seroxat, Beta Blockers) and am due to start CBT soon. This is just for the short term.

24-02-05, 21:28
I also asked my GP for Valium in the past but she wouldn't prescribe them due to the addictive nature.

I thought of buying them online but was worried that I could actually be purchasing ANYTHING. Just because a site advertises them as Valium doesn't mean that they will be the genuine item.

I personally decided against it. Tread very carefully.

Kate x

24-02-05, 22:22

Please go careful where you get them from and be warned they are addictive.

Someone once read on this forum that I had some Diazepam and emailed me asking me to sell it to them and get more from the doc too. I didn't though I have to add.

I am not questioning why you want to buy it but please be careful. My doc prescribed me some for a plane flight and he was quite happy that I wouldn't abuse it.

Can you not explain that you only need it short-term.