View Full Version : Trazodone (Desyrel) anyone take this ?

02-01-08, 19:30

I have been reading about this antidepressant medication in a book. The book is American, does anyone know whether it goes by the same name here in the UK ?

Any one have experience with this med. ? What dosage did you take for how long before it kicked in ?

I have read that Trazodone is particulraly good if you suffer from depression + anxiety + insomnia which is exactly my problem. I have also been suffering from chest pains (non cardiac) which I have been told is chronic stress related for the past 3 months.

Any thoughts on this med. would be very welcome. Thanks :)

02-01-08, 20:15
Hi there

Scroll down to the very bottom of this page and there are some more posts about it that may help.

03-01-08, 07:57
hi there,

i have just come off trazadone when i fisrt took it in the beginnig it was great especially to help slepping ( it knocked me out) but i was on it too long and it bacame less effecive with the sleeping . i had no side effects and was a good anti depressant.


03-01-08, 10:59

Pretty much the same as Sammie. I took it for a while for insomnia and it worked great at first and helped me sleep. The sedating side effect wore off after a while so I stopped it as it wasn't really helping much.

When I did come off tho, I did find that it was helping more than I realised in terms of anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties. So I would recommend giving it a try. Have a chat to your doc.

Jim :hugs:

03-01-08, 20:44

I took trazadone a couple of years ago and was on it for about 18 months or so, i found it to be one of the better anti depressants in that i suffered no side effects and it really calmed my racing thoughts at night and helped me get some sleep. As others said the effectiveness seemed to wear off, for me it was about a year after i started it and i needed to change to a new med cos i was by then on the highest dose of trazadone. From my experience i would think it would be helpful for your symptoms.

Emma x