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27-02-05, 19:28
I started on paroxetine a week ago as citalopram didn't seem to be working, i have been on it before and managed to come off with a bit of a struggle. just read an earlier post from meg saying to avoid it, and now i'm panicking that i have done the wrong thing. My thoughts arte that i was only off it for 9 mths , during research alot of people only seem to last this lengh of time, am i addicted to it?

27-02-05, 22:33
If you've been on it before and come off you'll be fine again.

You're not addicted to it but these just give you a break from symptoms not cure the uinderlying issues

Millions of people have gained great relief and benefit from this drug over the years - its just has more sideeffects than some of the newer ones so if you're new to taking SSRI's it no longer the first choice to start with.

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28-02-05, 09:31
thanks for the advice again, you know what its like when your acutely anxious, you cant see the wood for the trees
Love LongieX