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06-01-08, 01:03
hi all well here are some of my poems that i have been doing hope you all will like and let me know if there is anyway that i can making them better


I am confused, lost and feeling lonely in this world,
Is me or are there others that understand,

I feel like I am alone,
In this world with my head going crazy,
I need to delete things from my mind,
But how I just donít know,

Fighting to understand why I am like this,
Why have I been chosen to lead this path in life?

I just have to hope that one day I will see how and then,
I can start to rebuild my life,

Then I will be able to go and help others,
Who are going through what I would have been through?

So till that day I will try to stay positive and believe,
In the day that I will be well again. ©

Help in hand

If you lend a helping hand,

To those who are not so good,

Watch how you bring a smile,

To their faces, make their day brighter,

You may not feel that just by,

Listening or supporting them,

Will help them,

But it helps just to know that you have,

Someone there who is kind, caring and supportive,

So take a look as,
That person is you!


The sea can be calm,

It can be rough,

As the waves crash upon the shore,

Who knows what they will brings,

They might bring, sadness, or


You wont know until,

You risk that chance to go,

Down upon the sand and pebbles,

Slip of your shoes,

And walk toward the shoreline,
Slowly dipping your toes,

In to the chilly fresh water,
Only then will you know,
If you are calm or rough,

Just like the sea,
As it has so many different feelings,
And emotions,
That when it crashes upon the rock it,
Is having a bad and lonely day,

But when it is smooth and flat,
That is when it is feeling relaxed and happy,

So you to can chose to be like the sea,
So go and chose your path ahead.©


Your mountain may seem too high to climb,
You may think that you wont ever get there,
But when you see others around you,
Climbing there with you,
You know that you are no alone,

You are loved and liked,
As they are there to help you,
Lend you a help in hand when you,
Arenít to good or feeling blue,

So let them in to your heart,
Let them help you then
You will see that you will make it
All the way to the top of the mountain,
No matter how big or small it is,

So look above and know that you have your guiding angels,
Helping you, and making you safe along your path,
Helping you back up when you fall,

So together we will all get to the peak of our mountain,
Then we will be able to help and guide others to the top,
We will be there guiding angel,
And pass on how we coped and got there,
So that they to can help others then one day,

We will all be free from all our mountains or even it they just get smaller,
Get to a point that we can handle them again.

Then live life to the full and have more and more good days than bad.©

well that is a few of them i will post more soon if anyone like these
tc all and b cool and smile:D :D :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

lea xx

06-01-08, 03:53
lea i loved your poems your realy talented and lea you will get better you no think positive i no its hard and easier said than don .i realy understand your a realy good m8 to me and do anything for anyone i try to help you as much as i can you no that im here 4 you lea ,and well don for your poetry its realy good thanks 4 posting .tc lea elaine xxxxxxxx

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06-01-08, 12:20
Hi Lea,

Those are so good. But then I have already told you this. Hope that you keep posting new ones.

Take Care,
Tina xxxxxxxxx

06-01-08, 12:43
Lea just lovely hun :hugs: xxxxx

06-01-08, 13:21
your poems are really good, your very talented...x

luv dawny

06-01-08, 15:04
I love poems

They were lovely:yesyes:xxxx

cheeky monkey
07-01-08, 22:45
Hi Babe
Well are you finally going to listern to everyone and admit that your poems are brilliant?
You have got a wonderful talent you have a magic way with words.It is great seeing you write more poems so keep it up Im very proud of you xx
Soz when some make me cry but it is because to have a wonderful way with words.So stop reading this and get writing we all want to read more of your poems.
Keep it up and believe in your self and finally admit you've got a talent or I'll pull your ears
love ya
susie xxxxxxx

08-01-08, 00:54
thanks to you all for your kinda replys and susie you should know i never listen as well you know i think ma self as dumb stupid etc as well i know that i am!!

but i will try to do more of them for you all

many thanks

lea xx xx xx xx

10-01-08, 23:56
ok well just a few more for you all i hope you like these also


When you are feeling sad,
Lonely and you want to get well,
You have to believe in yourself,
Know that you will be loved and wanted,

You are never alone, and everyday I will be your,
Angel to keep you safe and warm,
Help you to smile, and bring laughter again in to your life,

Help you to achieve, and believe in all that you are and will be,
So go ahead and reach out for all the good!!©


Sunsets are calming, soothing and relaxing,
They can come in to your life,
With out you even knowing they are there,

Feel their warmth around your body,
As you slowly start to relax,
Feel your body slowly sink in to your chair,

Relaxing as you feelings and emotions,
Are starting to drift away,
Leaving you free and refreshed,

For the new day that lies ahead,
You know that you are ready to tackle,
Anything that the new day has to set upon you! ©


Every time you see a shining star,
Make sure that you wish upon it,
But be careful, as your wishes will come true,

If you only believe, and trust in yourself,
You can achieve anything you want to do,
See I know that you are stronger than you think that you are,

It makes no difference, who you are,
I will be you shoulder when you need to cry,
I will be there, to help you through the rough patches,
Guide you along those bumpy roads ahead
So if we stick together, and I know that we will surivive!!©

well will post again soon, hope that you are all ok hugs to you all

lea xx

19-01-08, 07:49
:yesyes: Lea you are a very gifted writer.

When I started chating with you in the chat room, I could tell that you were a very special person. It wasn't until after I read your poems that I realised just how special you really are. You are an asset to this web site. Please keep writing, you probably don't realise how much effect your words have on as all.

Go girl - I wait with baited breath for your next words of encouragement.

Hugs :hugs: and Kisses x x x x x


19-01-08, 23:28
thanks sj and you are right i dont believe in my self - re poems or anything really and its gd to talk to you hope to talk to you again soon



21-01-08, 01:34

You are doing great,
You really are,
You are shining brightly like a star,

You are right up there with,
The brightest star around,

Even if you feel down or alone just think of,
The star that you are,
And always will be

You know that you are,
That you can do anything you
Want to do,

When you are the bright star in the sky. ©

The ocean is like a mind full of grief,
It has no choice as to the direction,
Of which it flows or crashes upon the rocks,

But only when time is allowed to go on it gets,
Easier for you to understand the pain and confusion,
Just like the water as it splashes up and catches, the wind
Only then will the ocean have a choice, in which direction it will go,

And as it does you to will have a choice to make,
The choice of gaining strength to fight every minute of everyday,
And even when you are feeling down and blue,
We will be here to pick you up, and lend you help in hand,

So go ahead and give it a try, as if you look deep in to the ocean,
You will see the pain and hurt that it expresses,
So now you can take your time to slowly release your hurt and pain,
In a safe, friendly way! ©

27-01-08, 22:42
Hi Lea,
I love your poems.
Do you play guitar or keyboards? - I was just thinking that a couple of them (Bright Star or Shining Star) could make really good lyrics for a song - maybe both together with a bit of jiggling?!
Do you have anymore? - keep up the good work
love skitty xx

28-01-08, 03:21
thanks skitty and no i dont play guitar but play keyboard and yeah maybe they will
and yeah i will post some more really soon

and thank for letting me know that you like them

hope you continue to do so lol


lea xx xx

29-01-08, 03:07

What stops me from falling?
Down in to the deepest darkest hole,
The place where I never feel happy or safe,

I know that if I only believe in myself,
I will stay strong and that I can climb,
My way back to happiness,

Trust in and think back to all the good times,

The smallest of thoughts that make you feel confident,

Then act upon it as when you do,

You will see how far you can go,

I believe in you and am proud of you for taking,
The biggest step of your life, and wanting to be you again!

reaching for the top

Keep looking up to the top of the highest mountain,
One day you will succeed and reach the top,
You will get to the peak,

But until the day that you do,
Remember you are strong, safe and
Part of our group now,

So whenever you are feeling lonely and blue,
Just take a look at how far you have already come,
And realise that you really donít have much further to go,

So go ahead and give it your best shot,
Relax and have fun,

You never know you may,
Just start to love it again.

ticking clock

My mind is like a ticking clock,
It never ever stops,

If it get to wound up to,
Much it is sure to break,
And stop,

But if you slowly let it go,
It will coil out of control,
Until neither you or I will,
Be able to cope,

With what will happen next,

Will it be the end of it all?
Who knows only time will tell.


04-02-08, 06:17
just a link to other poems i did when i first joined this site

all these poems are © just havent added that yet

04-02-08, 08:19
very good, your very talented...love dawny

15-02-08, 02:07
thanks dawny and hope you are all ok hugs and love to each and everyone of you

lea xx

04-03-08, 03:41
hi peeps well a few more for you all

I scream no one hears,
My cries for help,
I feel so much pain inside,

I want to run and hide,
I donít want to be here,
Having to suppress my feelings,

Of anger and hurt, sadness,
It spins around in my head,
Why do I have to feel this?

What and how can I stop the,
Feelings of heartache,
If no one hears my cries,
Will I die crying, screaming?

As another year goes by,
I wonder how long I have to long,
To see your smile and hear your loving voice,

I miss you with all my heart and I will never forget you,
You are always in my thoughts,
As each day passes I wonder when,

I will be near you; I know that you were not well,
And were chosen for to be taken away from me,
I love you and I hurt everyday that I see through,

Knowing that you are near to me is what keeping me,
Safe and warm, you are my mam and my mother,
I am really proud to be able to call you that too,

I will always love you and think of you no matter what!!

When I am alone I cry for you,
Take away my pain let me live free,
Be the person that I want to be,

I long to be within your arms,
So that we will never be apart
When you hold me I will be safe,

I may sometimes bother you,
Try to be in touch with you,

Till I get use to losing you the way that I did,
I know that tears will fall,
Running down upon my chin,
As I lay here wishing,
That you were back in my life,



04-03-08, 13:39
Hugs and Kisses Lea,
these are great, keep em comin. . . Love SJ

05-03-08, 02:02
thanks sj means alot to see that you like them

hugs and love

lea xx

28-03-08, 07:18

I scream no one hears,
My cries for help,
I feel so much pain inside,

I want to run and hide,
I donít want to be here,
Having to suppress my feelings,

Of anger and hurt, sadness,
It spins around in my head,
Why do I have to feel this?

What and how can I stop the,
Feelings of heartache,
If no one hears my cries,
Will I die crying, screaming?


Sitting still in the carriage,
The light passes so fast,
Whooshing past shaking,

I feel dizzy as my heart beats faster,
Thoughts running wild,
Will I survive this train ride?

Will I be the one, who dies?
All because I chose to travel,
It feels like my heart will burst out,

Maybe I will just pass out,
Die no one will miss me,
My tortured soul will no longer be haunted!!


Frustration building up,
Whizzing thoughts spinning out of control,

Raging feelings taking over me,
Iím not me anymore,

I just not free to roam my life alone,
He makes me lose control,

I am under his spell I canít break free
Why do I have to do this?

To feel the red blood running,
Down upon my wrist,

It stopped everything,
There is nothing left inside,

Now its done he can rest,
Leave me be for now at least!!


How do we get through each day?
Living in a world of panic and anxiety,

Feelings rushing around in our minds,
As we try to cope in a world,
Were no one understands,

Trying to smile all the time,
So no one can judge us,

I see them stare, whispering
Talking about us,
I wonder why, as my chest gets tighter,
My head getting lighter,
I know that its just panic,

Even if sometimes it can be manic,
I know that I will pass,
As panic is like a roller coaster,
It seems scary to start with but once you,
Learn to control, and remember that it will be just fine,

You know in time that you will get stronger,
More able to cope and deal with it,

Remember that you arenít the only one,
That others are out there just waiting to lend help in hand,

Donít let panic control you!!!!

well i hope i aint bored ya by now with them
hugs n love
xx lea xx

28-03-08, 10:22
They are beautiful emotionally written poems that a lot of us relete with Lea.
It's also great to know you haven't fallen off the planet.

29-03-08, 00:34
dont know what ya mean sj hey i love to hear from ya soon lol

hugs n love


ps thanks for the reply

04-04-08, 04:39
hey lea, hope you dont mind, but i thought id put mine in here to :)


is it me or does happiness go round and round?
infecting everyone, on trains, an planes above clouds.
Is it me or does that smile change hands,
from man to child, and child to man?
Is it me or does love seem to have a plan,
to tie us together and then pull us down.

Is it me or do i long for this,
that one first glance, that one last kiss.
Yet her i am being pulled down,
not by love but by that one long frown.
That stays inside and never leaves,
That lives inside and never grieves.

I am a boat lost at sea,
You can see and hear, but i am not me.
As i rock and roll in the ocean of life,
i sit and wonderwhat it would be like.
Not to be that long lost penny.
But to be in your pocket and spent by many.

thanks xxx

05-04-08, 01:40
hun i dont mind at all and feel free to post more
hugs n love
lea xx

19-06-08, 03:31
Your smile is a distant memory,
My love for you will never disappear,
Losing you was like been ripped apart,
My heart broken in two,

I love you,

I donít see how I can make it through,
To the next day,
But with your love guiding me,
To the right way,
I will always find away,

Because I love you,

I hold out my hand,
Praying that someday I will reach,
Up and touch yours,
But until that day,

I will always love you,

Because you are and always will be the one,
Who has always been the closest loved one in my life,
My mam, my friend!!

19-06-08, 05:10
Absolutely beautiful !!!
Thank you for sharing it!

20-06-08, 00:41
yw sandy n thanks for ya reply

hugs n love
lea xx

20-06-08, 03:47
lea these are brilliant. They say just what I think. Thank you so much for sharing the, That took courage and I appreciate it.

20-06-08, 04:38
thanks hun and your welcome i will try to post some more really soon

and hun here for ya and tbh i think they are rubbish etc but hey ho

20-06-08, 04:51
Falling deep in to the ocean,
Iím slowly getting dragged under,
By the whirling of the tide,

As I try to reach for the surface,
I get more and more deeper,

As I take my last breath I swim for freedom,
Will I ever rise to the surface again?

Or will this be my end?
Maybe I will never know until,
I try again as my body grows weaker,
I pray please allow me to,

Go and live a life free from pain,
I will always look upon you,
Each and everyday,
And miss you in so many ways,

Till the day we meet again,
Remember I will never forget you,
Fight for everyday, keep on smiling
Until the end of time!

sorry sorry another one i know

20-06-08, 21:25
well done lea theyre really good :yesyes:

and well done windows too :yesyes:

heres one i did a bit ago when i was missing diazepam .....ah the good times......anyway went a bit "funny" ..... :wacko: lol

DIAZEPAM - by Rob greenday1997

(to the verse of "oh xmas tree oh xmas tree")

oh diazepam, oh diazepam
u are much nicer than, marzipan!
oh diazapam, oh diazepam
i miss the prescriptions from Dr man

your precious looks
your foily case
u send me up
to outer space!

oh diazepam, oh diazepam
if only u weren't a USA ban!
oh diazepam oh diazepam
u shud be called addictivepam

the precious bliss, u give to me
is taken so

oh diazepam oh diazepam,
you are a naughty
little lamb!

20-06-08, 22:07

I did make you famous for that lol


20-06-08, 22:23
lol yes true, ill share the fortune but not the repeat prescription :roflmao:

deal! :yesyes:

21-06-08, 01:35
lol well done n hey ya can post here rob hun lol sorry sorry

21-06-08, 01:44
only gave some a qick look over as i am finding it hard to see minite after minite right now but there good

22-06-08, 01:39
thanks n np hun dont worry cause i know that they are not gd sorry sorry

22-06-08, 03:15
lea i think theyre good :yesyes:

you dont give yaself enough credit :bighug1:

rob xxxxxxxxxxxxx

22-06-08, 03:27
no point really cause i know that they are stupid n i cant see y ne1 would like them at all,
i might post one soon but ya never know i might not

lea xx

22-06-08, 03:36
Scared of feeling the way that I do,
I look for you and your not there,
I hold out my hand,
So I know that it will be all right,

But your not there,

I feel so evil and bad,
That I should be glad of what I have,
For I am the lucky one,

I never leave this world of hurt and pain,
I live on in a world of confusion,
Been scared of myself,

Why me?
I’m sick of feeling lonely and blue,
I wish I could just be with you!

one i just wrote hope its ok well prob wont be but hey ho

22-06-08, 03:56
Falling deeper in to the black hole to hell,
I cant breath,
My head is spinning,
Iím never winning,

I fear losing everything I have,
But then I donít have what I really want,
The pain is getting harder to live with,

I canít see how I even exist,
Canít cry for I canít show weakness,
Feeling like I am a burden to others,

I donít belong here any more,
For I am not helping anyone in this world,
So when my time comes,
I pray you continue to go on,
Fighting for everything that you deserve!!

sorry sorry if this upsets ne1 and if i does i will remove it you wish me too

25-06-08, 02:14
ok well here is another that i have just done n hope ya dont mind me keep on putting more here

When youíre in your darkest hour,
Reach out your hand,
For I will be there to hold you up,

I will help to guide you back to the brightness,
Towards the shining light of happiness,

For I will always be there,

Together we can achieve anything,
Sharing times of fun and laughter,
And moments of sadness,

We will stand together and be strong,
For we will live forever,

Gaining strength as each days passes,
For one day we will live free!

27-06-08, 19:13
Another great poem Lea!!!
You are so talented!!
I can't string more than 3 coherent words together so I really love reading your poems!!!
Thank you so much for sharing them!!!!!!

29-06-08, 01:51
why thanks sandy and your welcome and i dont see what everyone else see's bc all i see is words to me its i rubbish stuff but i continue to post bc i have had ppl saying the want to read more etc so thank you to everyone who enjoys it or even just reads them even if they are rubbish sorry sorry ,

well i will try to post some more really soon

hugs n love

lea xx

29-06-08, 01:56
ok just a short one bc one thing i never do is say bye
but i always say good night to ppl who i have lost maybe bc it makes me feel btr i dont know but hey ho

Say good night and never goodbye,
Till the time that we meet again,
You will still deep within my heart,

Memories of you hurt me in so many ways,
Coping with them is so hard to bare,

As a tear falls upon my cheek,
I say goodnight,
Till I see you again,

I will love you forever,
You are my shining star!!

hope its ok

love n hugs
xx lea xx

29-06-08, 23:29
Lea -

Don't make me boot you in the rear!!
You know I love reading your poetry! So do alot of people here!!!
You don't ever have to say sorry to amyone here for posting such beautiful thoughts and feelings!
Creativity is such a wonderful gift and you've been blessed with a bunch of it!!!
Thank you so much for sharing it with us!
Luv ya lots !!!!!

29-06-08, 23:43
hiya i luv the poems they are very emotional and keep writing them hugs xxx

30-06-08, 00:35
thanks to the both of you and sandy glad ya liked ma work lol just me writing ok some may not always be gd but its how i feel when i write them

lea xx

30-06-08, 12:56
lovely poems lea keep posting them tc xxxxxx

03-07-08, 02:53
i will try to post some more really soon

29-09-08, 01:43
Set me free!

Longing to break free,
I want to be the old me,
Yet as everyday that passes,
I lose another part of the real me,

Set me free,

Looking up at the stars in the sky,
I see you looking back at me,
Willing me to gain strength within,

Set me free,

Wondering how I will get well,
Only time will tell,
But with my angels,
I will be one day the old me

Then I will be free!

04-03-09, 02:40
We always stand together,
Guiding each other through,
Our low and blue times,

Sharing in times of happiness,
Laughing at the smallest things,

Lending a shoulder to cry upon,
Just knowing that someone understands,
Reminds us that we ainít alone,

Lets win this fight together,
Until the day we are well,
Lets stand and stay strong together!

ok thats just one i have wrote so if it makes no sense i will understand lol

04-03-09, 16:33
Thank you for sharing these lovely poems with us Lea, you have a wonderful way with words ... please keep them coming xxxx

05-03-09, 00:19
aww thank you di for the comment i will try post some more soon, so watch the space eh lol

hugs tc

05-03-09, 00:50
I like your poems they make me feel better. I hope you keep posting them Xxx Xxx Xxx

05-03-09, 02:31
hi cheskia, thank you for your reply. i am happy that you found the poems to be off help to you. i will try post some more really soon



17-03-09, 02:45
Missing you and wishing you were here,
Wondering what you would say to me,
Tears roll upon my cheeks,

Listening out for the sound of your voice,
Yet all I get is silence,
A room filled with emptiness,

Looking upon the stars,
Praying that you are looking down upon me,
They say to me you are always surrounding me,

But I long for you to show me,
Guide me right back to your arms,
Mam I miss you more and more,
Everyday! ©

17-03-09, 02:49
Raining tears of sadness,
Floods of anger,
Rages through my veins,
Why do I have to live this way?

Days turn in to years,
Pain turns in to anger,
My life is a constant whirlwind,

I try my best to break free,
Yet what ever I do,
I fail in so why do I bother?

Gazing up to the sky is smile,
Knowing you are shining,
Back down upon me,

Just knowing that makes me,
Feel the raging storms disappear,
So till the next time!

17-03-09, 03:09
lea great poems x

17-03-09, 03:16
thanks hun xx hope that you are ok ?? hugs

Deepest Blue
17-03-09, 06:32
Hi ya, I really like your poems, I write poetry as well :) Your work is excellent, thank you for sharing :)

18-03-09, 00:37
hi thanks for your reply and post some of your poems i would love to read them
hope you are well tc

18-03-09, 01:26
Real nice emotional poems Lea, straight from the heart ! I love them.:flowers:

18-03-09, 04:48
thanks katie hugs hope you are ok


19-03-09, 03:43
Feelings deep inside of my heart,
Longing to be free,
Wondering will all the pain flow away,

Tears of blood,
Eyes filled with rage,
Screaming out hoping someone,
Will hear me,

Please release me,
Give me my wings,
For to be free,

Tormented by the hurt and pain within,
Will I ever be set free?


19-03-09, 04:00
Never worry when you need help in hand,
knowing that you can rely upon your friends,
even if you’re feeling alone or blue

Make time to call in to chat,
where people are kind and friendly,
who are always willing to lend help in hand
so in no time at all you will be feeling rather grand

People of nmp really do understand,
Don’t be afraid to say I need help in hand
When ever your feeling down to the ground