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09-01-08, 18:57
I have an appointment with a Psychiatrist tomorrow to discuss medication as I have now been fighting this depression for some 40 years and it is time to admit I may need some chemical help. There is lots of information on this site on the SSRI's and Benzadiazapam medications but, nothing on Buspar (Buspirone). Has anyone out there taken Buspar for anxiety / depression? Does it work? What side effects did you feel?



09-01-08, 19:21
Hi Andy

There are over 75 posts on Buspar - I just searched for it and found them.

To get you started there are 5 if you scroll right down to the bottom of this page - under "Similar threads"

Happy reading!

09-01-08, 19:24

I too had searched but many of the posts have very short reply strings and minimal actual information in there re: longer term effectiveness. I was hoping for something new or more feedback.

Thanks again.


09-01-08, 19:28

I am sure some people that are currently on this will be along soon to help you. If I find one for you - I will post a link.

09-01-08, 19:37

Ok I found these 2 ...



Apparently it is not widely used in the UK so that may explain the lack of posts on it.

10-01-08, 20:35
Hiya Coxwit...

I was taking Buspar and know a good bit about it...i did put a post with lots of info about in November last year, but when i looked for it just so i could give you the thread i could not find it...strange.

What is it you wanted to know..wether i had success with it, bearing in mind that meds work differently for everyone..or side effects,dosages,etc.

Its a shame i cant find that thread,lol.

Take Care Carmel:hugs:

10-01-08, 21:18

Was it this one ...


11-01-08, 12:42
Thanks Carmel,

Yes I was pretty much looking for opinions on effectiveness at symptom relief (especially if you have somatic pain symptoms), side effects, long term versus short term effectiveness, etc. for someone who had actually been on it?



11-01-08, 17:28
Hi Nicola and Andy,

Thanks Nicola, thats the one!...must be me(the old brain is not working so good lately,lol).

Hope that helped, if not just PM me and i will help more if i can Andy.

Best Wishes Carmelx:hugs:

11-01-08, 17:57
hi i asked if it were possible to try out Buspirone as i heard that it wasn't addictive and really helped with anxiety.
But where i am nobody had ever heard of it, no gp or nurse. Nothing here except very tried and tested medications used for years on end are ever prescribed.
But from internet descriptions it sounds quite good for the short term depending what area u are in of course!
Good Luck Richiex