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14-01-08, 18:31
Hi there, does anyone get a churning stomach and a very strong feeling of agitation, any replies would be appreciated, thanks

14-01-08, 19:26
Hello Sherdac,

Yep, I do - one of the more classic signs of anxiety I do believe.

The churning stomach I can usually cope with (got it right now actually), probably because I've just got used to it - it's the agitation I have to seriously work at (positive thoughts, distraction, self affirmation etc) . But I get there in the end!

Hope this is helpful:hugs:


14-01-08, 19:31
i just feel i am going to lose it, is this normal to think like that or the worst that can happen a panic attack.

14-01-08, 19:37
The feeling you're going to lose it is the worst of it. I felt like that almost constantly when I was really poorly.

But, it is just a feeling because the thoughts are running amok.

You will not lose it - try and just let it run it's course.

Do the steady breathing and at the same time tell yourself over and over again that this won't last and will pass.

It's not easy by any means - but it will pass.

Big hugs for you :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


fretty freda
14-01-08, 20:06
i get this a lot its bloody auful and i sympthise with you you feel like a tap has been turned on and adrenaline is being relised in your stumach the more i think about how auful it is the more it wont go away try talking to people about anything other than how you feel there comes a point were it gets so bad it goes away i promise xx

14-01-08, 20:12
For me its the worst part of anxiety. The churning tum makes me panicky and I want to run away from it but it follows me!!!I cant just ignore it no matter how i try.

Love Joy

14-01-08, 22:03
I too get the churning tummy and feeling that the worst is going to happen is a classic anxiety thought. I try to ignore my symptoms by distracting myself with something and repeat to myself positive statements such as 'nothing bad is going to happen'.

Take care,

Mike :)

13-12-17, 10:44
Is this conversation still going? Only I have a severe case of morning anxiety and churning stomach and really need to talk to someone.