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18-01-08, 13:53
Well guess what - went to see Gastroenterologist yesterday re: pain under rib and burping. He suggested the camera down! I said I was really anxious about it so he agreed to do simple "stool" test to check for ulcers and leave the endoscopy if I am so worried about having it. He said that he did not think there was anything to worry about re: symptons and let him know if I change my mind about the test. Now feel that I should have said yes to the test as worrying about what is wrong with me - despite his reassurances and really worried if I do have it - there's just no hope - it's a real catch 22!! Help?:huh:

18-01-08, 14:18
Its nothing to worry about.Let them know your a very anxious person.I was sedated for mine,totally out of it.Woke up and it was all over.Had a slight sore throat after thats all.:hugs:

18-01-08, 14:49
I have had two endoscopies....they dope you up pretty good and you usually wake up feeling better than you have in years because of the bezodiazapams they inject you with....go for it.


18-01-08, 18:04
Thanks for your support - feeling more relaxed about it already.


20-01-08, 12:38
One thing that does worry me though is the sedation.

Sometimes when I am falling asleep at night I suddenly wake up and feel as if I have stopped breathing? Takes me a while to catch my breath. It doesn't happy very often but when it does it really worries me. Frightened this may happen under sedation and I won't be able to breathe!! Have had loads of general anaesthetics and no problems. Does anyone else get this sensation? Is it anxiety? It happened last night when I was really trying to relax and fall to sleep - although subconsciously worrying about this endospcopy.

20-01-08, 13:01
hi - just to let you know that i was very brave and had an endoscopy a few months ago with NO SEDATION whatsoever. i won't lie - it was unpleasant but certainly copeable with and it is over very quickly - it takes less than a minute. i am quite lucky in that although i hate hopsitals and anxious - once i am there i do adopt the calm attitude of ok - i have to have it done - let's do it. i hate hopsitals and want to be in and out asap - if you have sedation you have to stay in until you come round etc. GO FOR IT! i put off having the test because i was so worried but i wish i had had it sooner - they found nothing and your symptoms sound like trapped wind - probably from swallowing air which is common in anxiety. put it this way - if i had to have the test again - i wouldn't look forward to it but i wouldn't dread it so don;t let your imagination make it worse than it is.

20-01-08, 21:20
Thanks for that - appreciate it

20-01-08, 22:21
I had one a year ago. I was so scared I had a panic attack in the waiting room, started crying, etc, they had to give me a pill to calm me down. The truth is, it was a piece of cake. I was so sedated I hardly even remember the rest of the day let alone the procedure. And I also have that sensation you experience of not being able to breathe when falling asleep.....that didnt' happen with the sedation. good luck!

20-01-08, 22:29

just to let you know my dad gets this done every
6 months he gets sedation the whole thing dont take long at all he went last week and he went in at 9 and was out at 10.30 and felt fine .

jodie xxx

20-01-08, 22:37
I too had two endoscopies last year with no sedation.even without sedation there's no pain just slight discomfort.In my case a gastric ulcer was found but with the aid of medication it healed in no time.
Best of luck.

21-01-08, 00:08
Thanks to you all - your encouragement is comforting.:)

21-01-08, 13:09
Jane,let them know before hand how nervouse you are.I slept like a baby!!!!!
with the sedation.:yesyes:
:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

21-01-08, 15:51
Jane,let them know before hand how nervouse you are.I slept like a baby!!!!!
with the sedation.:yesyes:
:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
Thanks, I will - am beginning to feel more relaxed about the whole thing - just want to get it over with though. Haven't even got the appointment yet.