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19-01-08, 19:23
im starting to take this tonight ,is it best to take just before bed or a few hours before oh and its 150mg

19-01-08, 20:05
prob about an hour before bed but its trial and error really
hope you sleep


19-01-08, 20:09
thank you i hope i sleep also as im worn out

19-01-08, 20:58
Let us know

20-01-08, 11:47
feeling very strange today after one tablet ,i was waking every hour but did find it easier to get to sleep hope the weirdness feeling goes though xx

20-01-08, 12:12
it will but maybe several days!!!


Is there anyone on trazadone that can help amandaj out

24-01-08, 09:56

yes i was on trazadone until recently and yes it does help you sleep i found it very good for that it will take a couple of days though , and also it can make you feel a bit strange but this does wear off

hope this helps


24-01-08, 19:47
I found trazadone good.I tend to have low blood pressure and it used to decrease it.I couldnt take more than 50mg at any one time.I tried but it made me so dizzy cos of the low blood pressure.Thats just me though.

It is a good med well worth sticking with it.Its good for sleep but might take a few days to really notice its benefits.

bet x

24-01-08, 19:58
I take this med and am taking 200 mg's before bed.
I found for the first few days i had wierd heads on waking especially if i woke early but it soon wore off.

It did help me sleep at first but at now doesn't seem to be working as well. I have a lot going on though so i'm putting it down to that.

I did try taking it 1/2 before bed but felt really drunk after about 15 minutes so now i take it on going to bed and i'm fine:wacko: