View Full Version : Just been put on Propranolol

22-01-08, 12:24
Went to see GP this morning...told me to take 40mg 3 times daily for a month and if they work to get some more. He said they will probably deal more with the physical symptoms but don't rule out them working slightly on the mental side of things too.

He also gave me a number for a registered Counsellor / Psychotherapist / Hypnotherapist guy near where I live who does 50 minute sessions for 35 which I suppose is fairly reasonable in this day and age! Either that or I could wait up to 2 months for a NHS appointment for counselling.

Fingers crossed they do the trick! :)

22-01-08, 13:40
good luck with them Tony , hope they work well for you.

I am on day 7 of my propranalol pills , they have relaly helped the panic attacks but I am feeling soooooooooo tired and unreal in my head , and have had some mild head pain :mad: . Im trying to carry on and hope it will pass.

Just cant beleive i find a pill that helps yet it gives me unbearable side effects:shrug: .

01-02-08, 20:56

i've been on propranolol for a while now, i've not really noticed any side effects, but i find it hard to distinguish between anxiety symptoms and side effects so i couldnt really tell u.

An to be honest i dont really know if they help, i still have my panic episodes as i did before i started taking them. I would like to slowly come off the pills but the thought of it makes me feel anxious.

Hope the pills work for you mate, keep us informed.

05-02-08, 23:40
The propranolol has slowed my heart rate (about 48-52bpm at rest) which is normally 60 something to 70 so it works in that respect, but the last couple of days, the panic attacks have returned whilst driving.

Getting sharp headaches on occasions at the left rear and left top of my head which I suppose may be tension headaches caused by panic attacks.

Think my level of fitness has dropped since taking them too with the heart rate being lower. My counsellor says I may find it beneficial to stay on them til April time and wean off them then as apparently that's the best time of year to do it as people feel better anyway with the lighter mornings raising the seratonin levels and making us all that little bit happier!

06-02-08, 00:05
I was told to take propranalol when i needed to and not on a set everyday, they have really helped me, in those, just in case situations, most of the time i try not to take them while in an anxious situation. but i find they have really given me the reassurance i need.

hopefully i can get ogg them for good

07-02-08, 19:03
I have just been put on 10mg proprandolol to take as and when needed. Just have to see if they can help.:)