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28-01-08, 16:45
Hi there all x
If anyone on NMP interested in a distant Angel card healing reading or tarot reading then i can do them for free.:read:
Just pm me with your "focus " eg relationships, career, financial etc or just a general life one. or can do live 1 to 1 in chat
Not being nosey posey lol
but i do it self employed and work for a friend sometimes on her phoneline, along with aromatherapy massage, i'm not a medium though lol lol so can't get in touch with other side if you know what i mean. I keep away from that!! too dodgy
Richie x

28-01-08, 16:49
Just for a bit of fun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of course x
Richie xx

28-01-08, 21:52
i've always been terryfied of anything like that richie incase i'm told something bad. i dwell on things and couldn't cope with it. i've always been curious about those things though.

ju x

29-01-08, 15:25
hi Chloe and bottle blond glad you are interested and sent a pm did reply back cause i work distant so didn't know if you would like it sent in a pm or i to i chat room ?? on the phone and live don;t have much time to concentrate. let me know i will focus on you and your life sort of like distant healing and send pm. Ju mot to worry , i can understand your concerns but on here it was just to be lightheartedxx
Love ridhie xxxxx

29-01-08, 15:27
By the way i not always online so i may not pick up your message straight away ok
Lots of love Richie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

03-02-08, 19:41

My focus is 'money'. Will i ever get a lucky break lol

Also would like to know about 'general life' too

Thanks Jode x

03-02-08, 20:20
i've always been terryfied of anything like that richie incase i'm told something bad. i dwell on things and couldn't cope with it. i've always been curious about those things though.

ju x

Me too. I think there are genuine psychics (probably about 10% of those who claim to be psychic) but I would never visit one. If the future will be good, it will be good whether or not you know about it now; whereas if it will be bad, why would you want to know?

I've been interested in astrology in the past but stayed well away from the predictive stuff.

03-02-08, 23:12
I used to read tarot and angel cards for people and loved it.I have been too embarrased to say this but it been on my mind thats what caused me personally to have panics in the first place.

I guess a catholic upbringing leaves its mark

I know its silly thinking but my thinking can be soo silly.


04-02-08, 00:49
Hi there all who have replied sorry haven't picked your messages up on forum, haven't been on NMP for a couple of days cause of some probs of my own.:blush:
I'm away from tomorrow morning , just going home to family for a few days until this Sunday so as soon as i get back ASAP will send you your readings through pm
Family hasn't got internet access which a pity
I really enjoy doing the readings and no one need be scared
cause wouldn't frighten anyone:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
Lots of love Richie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:bighug1: AND GOOD FORTUNE :yesyes:

04-02-08, 00:53
a quick note
In fact will write them out while away and then type them out sun & Mon
Love Richiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
wish i had lap top anyone know where i could get an inexpensive one?????

08-02-08, 17:15
do tme myself, pretty good therapy, focuses you better and often offers reassurance

12-02-08, 15:10
Hi there i'm back from a short break away , just got back yesterday, will do the remote readings by e-mail or if you particularly specify by pm.
Yes all readings are free. Have a bit of a back lot so please pm me to let me know you are ready?? and still want a reading?
Lots of love
Richie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

01-08-10, 19:29
hi my name is debora albornoz,was born the 7/9/88 I would want to know if edgar chamorro that was born the 17/6/88 is in love with me and will come back to me soon,thanks.

01-08-10, 20:27
Debora - this is a really old post so you won't get an answer here I am afraid.

05-08-10, 18:05
I really don't think that there is a place for this on nmp tbh.

05-08-10, 18:12
Hi Richie ,
could you do a general life one for me please please please.
Dont know how to pm peeps. lol

P.s have a good weekend.

05-08-10, 18:16
richie hasn't been on NMP for 2 years so will not answer.

05-08-10, 18:33
ha ha ha thank you Nicola.