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07-03-05, 22:28
hello all,

gonna get back to cbt.....but my last therapist at 150.00 a shot wasnt much help.

anyone know of any good ones in the north west area??

im goona get this panic/anxiety/ocd or whatever it may be sorted out!!! lol



07-03-05, 22:48
hi can i just ask what cbt is, ive heard alot of people say it but i don't know what it means

chaz xx

14 female

07-03-05, 23:53
Hi Doddy

sorry dont know of any in your area, just wished loads of you lived up north like me as Jean, although i didnt give my best, was brilliant and didnt charge me, so i know how lucky i was.

Good luck in finding one hon.

Lots of Love Sal xxxxx

07-03-05, 23:54
Hi chaz

CBT is Cogniteral Behavourial Therapist. They are not like a counsellor and in my experience dont dwell on your past too much but try to make you see why you feel like you do and try to teach you how to control it by bahviour therapies and techniques.

Lots of Love Sal xxxxx

08-03-05, 11:31
i don't know of any dodd but if you find one, let me know as i am in the northwest too and certainly could do with some cbt

Rach xx

08-03-05, 16:06
I've been doing the no more panic on on the phone and it has been brilliant, it's really helping me change my attitude.
It's a hour every week, and you can get on if your a member on no more panic, only 10 for a years membership.

Hope that helps


08-03-05, 20:36

You mean the "No Panic" recovery course don't you. People will be thinking I offer telephone counselling so just wanted to clear that up or they will all be calling me lol [:P]


08-03-05, 20:52
thank-u sal, appreciate u telling me :)

chaz xx

08-03-05, 20:56
Oh sorry Nic, yeah thats what i meant..:D:D