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29-01-08, 00:37
my other half will be :blush: when he sees this but hay ho:winks: .
he is a really good water colour painter and as i cant paint for toffee i thought id show you all his painting of a rottie

29-01-08, 00:44
hi sara
that is a great painting. he is really good

29-01-08, 00:45
he doesn't paint for a living just a hobby.
hes painting a pic of a yorkie at the mo for a friend, we are trying to raise a bit of money to pay for are 4 dogs to have there vaccinations and for one of them to be spayed so shes having one done of her yorkie who was stolen 3 years ago and one for her friend who had to have her Irish wolf hound pts a few days ago.
i will put a pic of the yorkie up when hes finished it.
wish i could paint:unsure:

29-01-08, 01:03
He is very talented. It looks like a professional portrait. I used to do a bit of watercolours. I wasn't that good but its a really nice relaxing hobby.

29-01-08, 01:58
thanks donna:)
yeah i think hes good, the rottie pic was the first he ever done of a dog.
id love to be able to paint but i cant even draw so theres no way i could paint :D

29-01-08, 01:59
hes just finished the yorkie :yesyes:

29-01-08, 10:27
lets have a look then!

29-01-08, 13:23
Sara,they are brilliant,hes very good.:yesyes: :yesyes: :yesyes:

29-01-08, 14:54
Oops, didnt see the link! Looks just like my Gemma!

29-01-08, 16:29
thanks everyone:D hes :blush: now :)
i set up a group on facebook called pauls pet portraits, mindyou im still not sure how it all works on there :D

09-02-08, 16:08
heres another one hes just done for a friend.
this is sheena sadly she died a couple of weeks ago from cancer:weep:

10-02-08, 16:38
Hey Sara

Your hubby is really good at these portraits :)

I like the one of Sheena, I get some "character" when I look at the painting if that makes any sense lol

Tell him to keep on with it! Has he tried selling any? Maybe you could put them on Ebay and see what you get?

Jo xxxxx

13-02-08, 21:06
he has sold a few on ebay but mostly landscapes.
a few friends have had ones done of there dogs though:)

14-03-08, 17:43
this is snoopy, not that great of a photo as paul forgot to take a copy of it before he sent it:blush: