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29-01-08, 21:44
i had my dla stopped last year due to a poor report off my new doc, he didn't know me or my struggles, i was applying to have it increased as my condtions had worsened.i appealed and am going through the process. a 'nice' dss doc visited me at home for a report, on the day i was feeling rotten ,from the drs feedback he said i should be ok. the report came back which was full of contadictions ,saying 'i was ok 'even though i did have problems ,i wasn't entitled to dla,i go to an appeal next week ,i am not hopeful. in addition to chronic depression/panic disorder i have balance problems ,walking difficulties--how ill do i have to be?!-- i'm having a rant, but the system stinks, wish me luck at my appeal

29-01-08, 22:05
I'm in a similar position. I have spinal problems and also suffer depression and sleep disorder. Despite this I was certified by the DSS doctor as having nothing wrong with me, and who suggested I obtain employment as a van driver! I am now in the anomolous situation of supplying monthly sick certificates from my GP, while signing on for jobseekers allowance. Today I was unable to sign on as, having been awake for the better part of 72 hours I crashed completely and missed my appointment. Something else to cause stress. I neither wish to be unemployed, nor do I hope to exist on state handouts. However the unrealistic attitudes of some so-called professionals serves only to compond our problems. Hope this helps you know you're not alone.
ps: anyone in Southampton fancy a get together?

29-01-08, 23:48
Hi Redjeff
When I applied for my dla renewal I said exactly the same things as I did in my first form. They decided for some unknown reason that I had improved and I was no longer entitled to it.
I said I wanted to appeal against the decision and lo and behold they changed their minds without it even going to an appeal board, however they have awarded it me at a lower rate than before, I didn't have the energy to appeal for the rate to go up though, I was just glad they had awarded me something. I think they try it on but if you appeal you will get it back.
I hope you get it sorted, when we have these illnesses we really don't need the added stress of fighting for a income. I hope it works out for you.
love Mags xxx

30-01-08, 15:39
I was taken to court last week over my DLA. Despite reports from my GP saying how ill I was the DSS took me to court saying I had committed benefit fraud. As a result I received a sentence of community service and a supervision order. It is absolutely ridiculous. My offender manager is appalled that the case was even taken to court. Even she see's that I need help. She told me to reapply for DLA. She is now attempting to find somewhere that can support me through my community service.

30-01-08, 17:09
The best advice I can give is to visit this site www.benefitsandwork.co.uk (http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk)

Love Piglet :flowers:

02-02-08, 15:31
thanks for replies the process has made me very ill, i'm back in touch with the mental health team , i feel very angry with the system i'm going ahead with the appeal, if i fail then i'll reapply. i'll be like andy from shawshank redemption!! seriously the situation in this country re benefits for the disabled is quite awful. i had a similar situation years ago and complained about the doc, the reply was defensive and was a waste of time ,but this time i am tired with the whole thing and want a resolution.in my experience the dss is out to avoid paying benefits if it can get away with it. the hippocratic oath 'do no harm doesn't seem to apply to dss doctors.i wonder if the dss has its own oath-don't pay out!

02-02-08, 19:26
Hello redjeff,

I've just caught up with this thread - oh how I sympathise with you (and the others).

My hubby suffers from chronic arthritis, has had heart surgery and heart attacks and is now suspected of having had a stroke or even Parkinsons disease or both.

We had been trying to claim dla for the past 6 years since he was medically retired, having never had any help at all from the state - even when he had the initial heart surgery when our children were young.

We have always been in work, never been behind with our bills and always paid our tax.

Recently we finally went to appeal over dla, with the help of a local community support group who were wonderful - and were awarded it at long last.

However, it is only for 12 months and shall be reviewed in January 2009 (like my hubbies condition is likely to improve at all) - so we mustn't get too used to it, but be thankful for small mercies!

We were told about 4 years ago by a dla doctor that my hubbies arthritis will never get any better only progressively worse, and yet we were still not awarded it (until now ) and now we have the added worry of the other complications.

Knightbabe: it beggars belief that in today's society of so called 'justice for all' something like that could hppen. I really don't know what to say that might comfort or encourage you:weep: , but here's a hug:hugs: .

redjeff: I really wish you Good Luck with your appeal. If there is indeed any justice left, then it will be granted in your favour.

big hugs for you

:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

02-02-08, 21:52
Groovy granny - thanks for the hug.