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01-02-08, 15:11
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Glass monkeys on a tension wire,
Eyes of cat's obsidian fire,
Jewels of jade, chandeliers of ice
A game set for jokers that toy with the dice.

Serpentine skin, a vile indication
A sliver of diamond foresees the ablation
In minds of lignite that mock clowns of oil
Dust remains dust as ash turns to soil.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A typhoon of agony pulsing through a grid of spears.
A victim of mass murder clutching a shaheed in fear
in a straight jacket of despiration grounded in faith
Swollen hearts destruct through a need to be safe.

Skeletons-alive! in their prisons decayed,
Absolution with squalor, a zuchetto remains frayed,
Pestilence, disease from probbing eyes that shine
Greedy procreation, investments... contracts... are signed.

Just cartoons of humanity in a bone dry land,
Their eyes wide like saucers, whilst diplomacy disbands
from wooden dolls that live on a hill,
that shut every door so that no one can feel,
That drawn out pain... those needles of despair,
leaving a child, a mother, a human out there.