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01-02-08, 18:43
Has anyone ever heard of these anti de clomipramine and if so are they good or are there many side affects im abit worried bout taking them

01-02-08, 20:24
clomipramine's a good antidepressant and been about for over thirty years now, so it's well tried and tested. The thing I like about this medication - unlike most of the SSRI's, is that it does have a tranquilizing effect, not much, but enough to prevent general anxiety and panic attacks. Doctors don't prescribe these types of antidepressants (Tricyclic) much now. Apart from drug companies pushing the newer more expensive drugs (Clomipramine costs pennies), they can be very dangerous if you overdose on them. The side effects only last a couple of weeks and vary from person to person. The other thing about the older tricylics like Clomipramine, is that you can come off them (gradually) without any side effects what so ever.

02-02-08, 19:10
I took clomipramine for 10 years - started on 100mg, ended up down at 25mg. For a long time, they sorted out my obsessive social problems completely: I kind of got out of the habit of worrying, and didn't need the high dose any more.

Now the anxiety has come back and even 100mg clomipramine doesn't work for me any more - it lowers my energy levels and makes me put on weight. I guess I must have developed some kind of tolerance to it.

BUT that's not to say cl. might not work for you. I'm now on 20mg citalopram and I'd say it feels about the same, in terms of "numbness", as 50mg clomipramine.

For me the main effect of SSRIs and TCIs currently is that they make me slightly less depressed ABOUT my anxiety, but they don't really address the anxiety.

Good luck with whatever course you take :)


04-02-08, 21:49
Ive been on clomipramine for just over 2 years now.They are the only anti ds i can take as i couldnt tolerate ssris.They have helped me so much.I was on 20mg but now take 10mg.All tablets effect people differently so the only way to find out is to give them a try.

good luck

luv chloe xxx:)

Ma Larkin
05-02-08, 10:48
I've been on clomipramine for about 6 months now and they really take the edge of my anxiety. I initially started on just one 25mg tablet, but was struggling with sleep so my GP said to take 2 at night and I haven't looked back. They take away my "scared" feeling (as I call it) and I haven't had any panic attacks at all.

Good luck.

Les x