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10-03-05, 17:23
Im not sure if I can call these Natural Remedies as such, but these work for me. Recently ive found in my local Lloyds Chemist two body sprays or as they call it 'moisture mist' by a company called INNOXA, one is called 'Peace' the other 'Calm', both contain Camomile which I love, a cup of the stuff really calms me down. Obviously im not saying that they can stop anxiety or panics but just wanted to mention that for me at least, ive found that the lovely smell can take the edge off. I dont know if they are widely available, but the company dont test on animals or use animal derivatives which is always a plus. They recommend using it after a bath at the end of the day, but I take it out in my handbag and use it anytime I need.

Avon also do a couple of aromatherapy products in a small rollerball type applicator which you apply to your pulse points, one called 'Relax' and one called 'Peace', these smell a lot stronger that the sprays I mentioned. None of these products cost a fortune and if you like me, love smellies and aromatherapy they might be worth a try.

It might be prudent to add that im not an Avon or INNOXIA rep...lol.

June x

long term panic/anxiety sufferer, add agroaphobia to that, fed up

10-03-05, 18:14
hi thanks for that i think i might try those anything that might help can only be a good thing i think

fan x

10-03-05, 19:18
Thanks for the tip!! :D