View Full Version : Can any one advise me please?

13-02-08, 19:06
I finally went to the drs the other day, and he gave me some propranolol 10mg to take as and when i need it. He wasnt a very nice dr and didnt explain things very well. One of those drs that can not wait to get you out of the door.

The quetsion is: When do you take the tablet, when you know you are going to a situation that you can handle (ie drs, dentist ect) or do you wait until you are having an anxiety attack, and then take one.

I am actully quiet scared of taking them for the first time, as i dont know how i will feel.

any advice would be helpfully,

23-02-08, 06:22
I took Propanalol for a while and it really did help. I have a fear of medication, so it was ages before I took any, in fact, when I was really bad last year, it was fear of my blood pressure med. that was one of the main problems. Anyway, after several weeks, I felt so bad in the middle of the night one time, I got up and took one of the Propanalol-I was amazed, it calmed everything right down. I still felt anxious, but everything felt still, there were no tense trembling muscles or rapid heartbeat and I was able to get off to sleep after a few minutes, I still felt not too bad in the morning.
It's up to you whether you want to wait until it all starts before you take a pill, or whether you take one before a situation that's going to make you anxious.
Don't be worried about how it will make you feel. One of the reasons I have a fear of meds is that I am very sensitive to them and get alot of side effects. I got nothing from the 10mg of Propanalol, just that very still feeling, which was great after the way I had been feeling before.
Give it a go, it may well make you feel alot better.

23-02-08, 10:56
Thank you catttt for your reply, the information has made me feel a bit better on taking them.

I know once i have taken the first tablet, and what will happen will happen, i will be ok. but it is the fear of the unknown. I dont like taking any form of tablet, unless i really have too.

One day, i will just take it.:)

20-03-08, 07:48
Hi, I'm in the same position as you Shinney.My GP prescribed some propanalol for me, 40mgs and I am sitting here now with a bad panic attack wondering wether or not to take one.I've woken up every morning for the last week with a severe panick attack and I'm trying just to sit them out but it's terrifying.My BP is a bit on the low side and I've read all the medical info in the packet and now I'm worrying it might make my blood pressure fall too much!