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15-02-08, 01:38
Stolen Innocence

You took something from me
Something that's gone forever
I lay helpless
As you take advantage
I cry in pain
I try to speak,
but no words
Voiceless and scared
You took my purity
My soul.

The looks and stares
an awkward silence,
the one word unspoken.
Iím the weak girl,
who didn't try hard enough
I am the one who sinned,
Not him. He did no wrong,
I did.

How could you do this?
Why is it my fault?
I wanted nothing.
You forced me to sin.
You forced away my purity, my innocence,

I had tried to say no
but my voice was against me.
As I lay there
Crying and unmoving
my eyes closed
Wishing it would stop.
The physical pain was not near
the mental pain I now hold,

My purity, which was dear,
is now considered old and sold.
My life is forever changed.
I had no choice
once your hands lay on my skin
it was do or die
though I wish I'd chosen the last.
For now I must face the questions and stares
the accusations of a lie.

I believe these bruises tell the story
and the pain when I walk,
the sound of my heart ripping
And the flow of my shedding tears.
Was I wrong to choose life?
I wonder that now,

Was I wrong to tell?
Yes I was.
It could have been a secret
nobody would know.
It could have been forgotten,
and all would be well.
It was my fault,
for not trying hard enough.

It is my fault the memories that,
I hold inside that
Will never see the light of day
Or the shining moon at night.
I chose my path to not speak

As his kiss and his touch will be.
He stole everything from me.
First my innocence,
Then my will to live,
Most of all He stole my purity
and my life.

My heart shredded,
and violated body in tow.
The court declared him innocent today
it was not the unspoken word.
If only they knew
I had not wanted to.
If only they knew
the memory I must go through,
and the mental scars,

That will never subdue.
The one thing I held most dear
my purity, which he stole,
Took, robbed, not offered.

It was just the unspoken word.
The one called RAPE!!!!

sorry sorry that it is yet another sad one but it is only how i feel deep down inside

lea xx

15-02-08, 09:18
:hugs: Dear Lea, :hugs:

Very very emotional, painful words of a lost childhood, and of a justice system that continues to let the survivors of child abuse down, time and time again.

Many others here including myself, will empathize with your words.

Hopefully the others, that have never experenced child abuse, might now understand a little of how survivors feel, and also why most abuse cases never get to court in the first place.

Thank you for not keeping this poem inside of yourself. This was one poem that needed to be written.

Big Hugs for you Lea

You are a very special friend and a very talented writer.


15-02-08, 10:46

thats so well written and my heart goes with you, nobody should have to go what you have been through...nobody.

take care


16-02-08, 02:15
thanks sj means alot as i talked to you last night bout removing it

and dawny thanks for you comment and i hope and pray no one ever has to go there ever

hugs and love to you both

and thanks to everyone for allowing me to post this

lea xx

16-02-08, 06:10
Hi Lea,

I hope it's helped you to release some inner demons. I'm so sorry you have had to go through this terrible trauma. I really do hope that one day your heart is able to heal.

:flowers: much love xx

16-02-08, 10:02
lea your so brave writing that post im realy realy sorry for wat youve had to go threw and it was so touching lea and i agree no one shud ever ever have to go threw wat youve been threw .and your very special friend lea to me you no that and your very very talented 2 and again well don lea for expresing your emotions of a very very trumatic time lea well don hun xxxxx your one special person lea xx

16-02-08, 10:19
LIke katie said i hope that it released some inner demons through writing this
tragic yet amazingly moving and poignant poem, from the heart
love richie xxx

16-02-08, 12:15
Hi Lea,

You are a very brave woman.

:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Best wishes,

17-02-08, 00:28
hi all many thanks for your replys and in away i wrote it so that i can start to heal as it is the 3rd yr this yr since it happened and 11yrs since the last time my uncle hurt me.

I just well want others to know that if this has happened to you i am truly sorry sorry to hear that it has and if this could relate to you in any way now plz dont do what i did and never tell anyone till it is to late.

I know that i cant change my past just like others that have bn in same situation as me in some way but we can change our future (well what ppl kept telling me anyhow early days for me though)

Thanks to all of you on hear for allowing me to post my poems and release my feeling without bn judged

if anyone wishes to contact me plz feel free to do so if you feel you need to talk about what i wrote about or anything

many thanks again for your replies

love and hugs

lea xx

:hugs: (((((((((((((((((( GROUP HUG )))))))))))))))))):hugs: