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16-02-08, 11:38
Has anyone tried Buspirone for anxiety and is so would you recomend it ?
I understand that it takes a couple of weeks to kick in but does not have the side effects of Citalopram or the addictiveness of Diazepam.

16-02-08, 11:59
Hi Decca

Not used this med myself, but if you use the search facility at the top of this screen theres quite a few threads regarding this med.

Hope that helps.


16-02-08, 14:37
Hi Decca,

I was on it.It takes 6 weeks to kick in.It was a waste of time for me.really no use but thats just me.

bet x

16-02-08, 16:30
Thanks Andrea, not much on there though.
Thanks bet, I don't think anyone could wait 6 weeks to feel better.
I guess I'll try Diaz. again.Doc. thought they weren't working for me 'cos I wasn't taking them every day.

16-02-08, 17:12
Decca - If Diazepam was working when you took it, and you weren't taking it necessarily every day, then that's great! You should take only 'as and when' ANYWAY, not as a regular regime unless you're in a terrible state. i too was recently prescribed Buspirone, there's quite a lot of threads about it on this website. I found i just felt worse and gave up which you're not supposed to do, but I certainly don't think it's a wonder drug. Drs just love to experiment sometimes... Janeyx

16-02-08, 18:30
Hi Janey,
Yes Diaz was helping on the days I feel really tense and anxious, but the days in between were full of bad pa's. I guess that's why doc said to take one everyday,it's only a 2 mg tablet which he said was a very small dose and could take 3 or 4 a day.
I'd much rather try to get by without anything at all really, but some days I just feel so tense I think I do need something

16-02-08, 19:33
I put some links on this page...


It is not widely used in the UK

16-02-08, 20:20