View Full Version : Anyone found Seroxat helpful?

16-02-08, 17:17
I know Seroxat has lots of problems and bad press but I'm so desperate (currently taking Lustral to no effect) I'd take anything with a reasonable likelihood of easing the anxiety I'm experiencing. Can anyone let me know please if Seroxat has proved really helpful? I am considering begging my shrink to let me switch to something other than Lustral and don't have many options left. Thanks everyone. Janey

16-02-08, 18:01
seroxat was a miracle for me for 8 years til i stupidly came off it then it transpires it doesnt work the second time and nor it seems does anything else hence the problems I've having


16-02-08, 19:51
Hi I've been on Seroxat for over 2 yrs.I'm on a high dose 50mg.I have even begged my doc to keep me on it.I have a bad tremour from head to toe.The doc's not sure if its the seroxat.But I'm perpaired to put up with it,if it means I feel better.As nothing else has worked long term.

16-02-08, 20:51
Hi Janey
I am on seroxat 20mgs and it does help me. Its not a miracle cure, you also have to do a lot of work yourself like trying to think positively even though it can be hard at times and also using relaxation techniques. I don't want to come off it though as it does help.
love Mags xxxx

16-02-08, 20:58
Leave it alone!!!!

It works but when I came off it I was sectioned!!!!

It is poison

Dont go there

Ask GP for cbt or something

Just my view

Kaz x xx :hugs:

17-02-08, 01:55
Seroxat worked for me for about 3 years then it was not so effective so i tapered over 3 months then stopped.That was 3 years ago next month the withdrawl was so bad I am stil having problems. My original panic attacks which i suffered from for many years before Seroxat were manageable compared to the hell I have been through since stopping this drug. I would agree with the previous post and not touch it .

17-02-08, 13:07
might be wise to have a look at the seroxatmad site(google it) and see the trouble people have, you could post your question there


17-02-08, 13:43
Hi Janey,

I was on Seroxat for a few years but did not find it worthwhile.I was switched to Effexor which I would rate as slightly better.
CBT etc,sounds like a more productive route to pursue.
Best wishes,

17-02-08, 15:39
Hi there
was on seroxat to help with depression, after some bereavements it gave me back my life and i thamk god i had some real good years combined with CBT, it worked for an extremely long time but then after a trauma and a panic attack it just refused to work for me any longer, don't know why?? still don't know why !! But coming off it was like hell!! but done gradually over some time it shouldn't pose any problems hopefully just mild symptoms.
Personally i would try it if your present anti-depressent isn't having an effect
but it will take about prob 3 weeks to kick in, wouldn't just rely on it totally though, combine it with some therapy if you can xxxxxxxxxx
Good luck, take care Richie xxxxx

alice G
17-02-08, 15:51
i was on it for 2 yrs it felt like i was in a fog but i didnt realise that until i came off it. the withdrawls are terrible and yes sometimes the panic you suffer is nothing to the panic when you come off it.. i would be very careful it does help at the time but is it worth taking the risk.

19-02-08, 16:33
Hi :)
I've been on seroxat 10 mg for the last few months and so far it hasn't done a whole lot for me (perhaps because the dosage is so low) i'm still relying on benzos for now. But according to my doctor it can take months to work. i've had a few unpleasant side effects when combining it with other meds, but nothing unbearable. Nausea from taking it without food is about the worst. I was also a little surprised that my doctor put me on it seeing as i'm in that high risk category of ''young adult''...
Anyway its different for everyone, hope it works for you!

xxxxxx elle

Furious Angel
25-02-08, 01:52
oh my god!

if i could EVER pursuade anyone to do anything, it would be to go no way near this drug! dubbed the silent killer - it increases suicidal risks etc. The drug company who produce it are being prosecuted by family members who have lost a relative through this drug.

personal experiance

been on it for 10 years - it's turned me into god knows who, threatened with sectioning, completely ballsed my life up. And i don't care now if i die tomorrow!

choice is always yours but i think with research on the net, you will realise how bad this thing is!


25-02-08, 12:35
Dee, thankyou so much for yr reply. I think I've been clutching at straws and luckily, no one so far has actually suggested I trySeroxat (tho there is a suggestion i go on anti-psychotic injections!!! but that's another story..) So I don't think Seroxat is an option and I'm beginning to realise that most of the work has to be done by me and not some drug. Thanks again. i wish you and your family all the best - you might try looking at the TRAP website, where I am sure there must be lots about Seroxat withdrawal altho it's primarily a Tranquilliser support site. Janey

04-03-08, 20:13
hi all my doc has just put me on these tablets ive taken 7 in a week and feel so much better, but since reading this post im really scared, will i ever be able to come off them what happens if i stop taking them what are the withdrawal effects, please advise cos im really worried now

Emma xx

05-03-08, 13:00
Emma, have you tried anything else yet? ie anti-depressants? Most Drs don't like prescribing Seroxat unless there is no alternative. If you are finding it helpful, then try not to worry about it all the time. Check with yr Dr why he chose this particular drug, then make the most of the improvement. When the time comes to withdraw, do it very, very slowly. A friend of mine uses a stanly knife to cut the tabs down by tiny increments. Wishing you happier times. janey