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18-02-08, 16:03
Well - just got back from lovely week in Tenerife to receive my endoscopy appointment for 5 March - ahhhhh! Was quite relaxed till the reality of the date kicks in. Now feeling very worried and not sleeping at night worrying about it. Help!:weep:

18-02-08, 17:49
I've done it twice...they give ya some neat meds help ya sleep...wake up tell ya all about it...mine was normal of course all my stomach (belching, churning, pain, stuff feeling like it was stuck in my throat) and swallowing symptoms were related to anxiety and of course felt like they were getting worse in the days leading up to the tests (like you). Then it was all over in a flash. God bless... hope all is well with yours.


18-02-08, 19:39
jane,havnt had it done myself but no of a few friends who have,they either give u a spray in ur throat so ur not really aware of the feelings or u can asked 2 b semi concious by injection this sends u alittle spaced out but u do relax with it ,i suggest u take some earphones with music 2 listen 2 so ur not focusing too much thats what my mate did & the doctor told her it was a good idea,relaxation is good if ur able 2 do it good luck babe im sure all will b wellxxxleisa

18-02-08, 20:13

I have had the procedure done and did not feel a thing. They put me in twilight and you are not totally knocked out but knocked out enough to not remember anything. Honestly, try not to worry and do deep breathing when you start to worry. You will be fine.

Huge hugs,


18-02-08, 20:58
Hi Jane,

I have had the prcedure twice now. The first time I was suffering from exactly the same symptoms as CoxWit above. Lump in my throat, almost making me vomit, burning sensation, sore throat etc....all down to reflux brought on by anxiety.

The second time my GP (locum) gave me a "Head and neck Cancer referral" form and sent me down the hospital. Not good if you suffer from health anxiety lol.

Each time I had the procedure, in both the pre and post op checks they stuck a very thin camera up and down one of my nostrils. They ask you to open your mouth while they do it and they can go as far down as your vocal chords, which they did in my case (and found a white spot on the 2nd occasion). This doesnt hurt and sometimes they will use a spray that numbs a little, but it tastes vile. some put a gelly on the end of the scope to help it through but neither of these are really needed as it doesnt hurt and just feels a little uncomfortable.

The actual endoscopy itself, if they decide to go check lower down for a ulcer or something, it quite painless and easy. They give you meds and ask you to count down from 10. You get to 8, then wake up with a bit of a scratchy throat, but nothing major.
The soreness goes away after a day or maybe two.

All in all, it sounds scary but it really isnt a bad procedure to go through. Honestly.

I hope it all goes well hun, let us know.

BFG xx

PS, it wasnt cancer, the white spot on my vocal chords was scar tissue from the acidic reflux.....am glad the GP was over cautious though :-)

18-02-08, 21:52
Hey I had one done and it was a walk in the park:D

Felt sleepy job done home by lunchtime:yesyes:

And nothing wrong except silly tummy making too much acid one pill a day since and Im tickedy boo!!!!

And although Im now recovered it was at height of my panic and anx:wacko:

Please dont be scared:flowers:

Kaz x x x:hugs:

19-02-08, 07:09
my father went through all this all i can say they are lovely staff/consultants they all there to help you.all you need is a bit of support eg family friends you'll be fine.

19-02-08, 15:30
Thanks to you all for your support - feel more relaxed about it now. Cheers.

19-02-08, 17:15
Had it done recently, without sedation. although it was over in a flash I would have the sedation if I had to have it again. Back to normal after 10 mins even without the sedation. Others at the same time who had sedation hardly felt a thing.

dont worry