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19-02-08, 13:22
how does anyone cope with this symptom of anxiety? Sometimes its the only symptom I get but it really upsets me. Like this morning i went out with my friend and grandchildren to the beach with my dog, should have been having a nice time but all I could think about was my stomach churning, I know Claire Weeks says to ignore it and accept it but how can you.


19-02-08, 13:52
I think its a hard thing to ignore something to be honest - if you have a headache and you say "try not to think about your headache" then you are bound to think about it!

I think "accepting" is a better way. Accept that you have a knotted stomach and that it is due to your anxiety. If you can accept it and not let it bother you, then it will eventually go away. If you find yourself keep noticing it, then each time say "Yes, I know its here, but its ok because its just my anxiety causing this symptom".

I think one of the main keys to anxiety is accepting that you have it. The more you try and fight it and rebel against it, the worse it gets.

I often get a knotted stomach, together with a really fuzzy head. But the quicker I just accept them and "sit" with them, the sooner they go away.

Jo xxxxx

19-02-08, 14:07
Hi Joy,

I have not read claire weeks books but have been told how great they are,

**clair weeks says to ignore it and eccept it**

hun, what do you think or who do you think triggered this symptom?

to ignore it means NOT to give it importants, if you give it to much attention, anxiety feeds on this.

To eccept, well that means to me, to eccept that the symptom is coming from me, I created it by my negative thoughts, its my feeling, I own it. FOR NOW, JUST FOR NOW, this is how I am, BUT I WILL GET BETTER.

In a situation like yours, I would be kind to myself, try dame hard NOT to give the symptom to much attention, I know this can be dame hard to do, it takes alot of hard work and parctice, practice, practice. Always remembering that the mind has been programmed negatively, soo its going to take time to re programme to think positively on its own.

Do you have any reason at all why this symptom triggered on this day, what where your thoughts, even before you went out, were your thoughts negative then, eg, ohh I can't really be bothered or, ohh I hope my anxiety does not kick in, back track, pick away at your thoughts. write them down this helps us see the negative way we are thinking and we can change the negative to more positive reasuring ones, then, plan your day again, go for that walk, armed with your positive thinking, again, this takes time, keep going for the walk, keep changing the thought, to more positive ones.

Your not alone on this, allthough I am panic, high anxiety free, I still may get times when I feel anxiety prsent, but armed with what this great site has given me, I seem to be doing well, (ohh great, positive self talk LOL)