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20-02-08, 14:37

i am new and have been reading many threads over the last few weeks that i can relate to , i just wondered if anyone has any tips for me how to get through an mri scan on my head ,this is my 2nd one as my first failed due to anxiety and panic attack due to feeling claustrophobic .i have to have it and my appointment has come through very quick from last weeks consultation i have it next weds evening and this does not bode well for someone who suffers anxiety and panic because now i think they must think its serious :ohmy:
I have phoned my gp and he has prescribed 5mg valium and propanalol to take but i have not took them before .

i would be gratefull for any advice lynda

Pink Panic
20-02-08, 14:54
Hi Lynda,

I can identify with your fears having had an MRI myself and also like you i failed at the first attempt too due to anx.

My GP gave me diazepam to take but in the end i didn't need it as second time around the staff were more understanding and also let my partner stand close by.
I really think looking back on it that the anticipation is much worse then the actual thing. What i also kept telling myself was that to get a diagnoses i had to endure the scan as if i didn't i wouldn't know exactly what was wrong.
I'd also say take the meds if you need them and when you are in the scan try to think of being in some place that totally relaxes you..... not easy i know hun.

Hoping it all goes well for you next Wed. :hugs:


20-02-08, 18:27
I had one a couple of weeks ago. While i was in there i opened my eyes (big mistake cos i realied how closed in i was) and started to feel panicky. I managed to control it with visualisation that i was lying on a beach etc which in the end nearly sent me to sleep.
Not much great advice i know but it did help. If i needed another one i would definately keep my eyes shut the whole time and start the visualisation before i was slid inside.
Best of luck
Donna x

20-02-08, 18:41
Hi Lynda,

I had an MRI scan prior to having spinal fusion surgery.
I just found it to be a short-term discomfort-even the music they played for me was boring!!
The bottom line is that you need to do this-take along a friendly face for support.Play your favourite music prior to the scan.Use the Meds,if necessary.
Think positively-in the context of what you have already come through in life,this scan will only last for a few minutes at most.
Believe in what you are capable of accomplishing.
Best wishes,

21-02-08, 03:52
Hi, just a tip that helped me deal with my MRI. Have the technician give you a cold washcloth and keep that over your eyes. It really worked for me. Do some visualization and no at anytime they can pull you out and stop the test. Also the technician I had constantly talked to me and that helped. Good luck! If I can do it, anyone can.

21-02-08, 10:23
hi all

thankyou all so much for your reassurance ,i will take it on board .

all the best to everyone