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15-03-05, 21:32
Hi i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice i suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and also get depressed sometimes mainly because my anxiety and people telling me i aint normal not to want to go out and do things which i do know but dont need peop0le to keep telling me. Any way i've recently started CBT and i'm find especially this week i've been feeling very depressed and feel i have nothing to look forward to I dont have a lot of friends becuase my anxiety over time has limited me from going out and doing things I'm also arguing with my parents alot lately as i feel suffercated and that tehy are treating me like a child (I'm 22). Do you think this is the CBT or am i on a down ward spiral I'm feeling really deflated at the mo and would like some advice sorry to waffle on a bit.


15-03-05, 22:45

CBT did make me feel a little worse before it got better so it may be that. Have they talked about anything that upset you or asked you to do stuff that maybe you didn't want to?

I used to say to my partner ALL the time "I need something to look forward to in life". I needed things to do that made me happy and I needed a purpose to go on. Sounds sad and weird but I can totally relate to what you are saying and I was the same.

We tried to do something every weekend that at least got me out even though I sometimes panic'd. I got bored easily so sometimes we just went for a drive to get me away from the house.

I hope it picks up for you soon.


15-03-05, 22:51
I can really relate to what Nic says. I also need something to look forward to, something that makes me keep fighting the panic..:D

15-03-05, 23:48
hi just start of with little things for yourself to do ...........tomorrow im gonna

and maybe go in chat at night its usually quite busy after 8.30 it will give you other people to talk to
just remember were your friends so your not alone with this

fan x

16-03-05, 11:29
Hi, sorry to hear how you feel. I felt better after going to CBT after, but not at the time. I think i felt i acheived something by going out after so long becouse it was so far from my home. Dont give up, Keep telling yourself you are ok and going to beat it and, slowly you realy will get better. Take care. Vernon.

16-03-05, 19:45
hi lisa, i always thought that the CBT made me think more about my feelings, so if you are down and deflated ... it might seem more intense. try not to let your feelings overwhelm you and stick with the CBT, it will help in the long term.
try telling your folks that you feel suffocated and to back off abit cos its stressing you.
as for the arguing, its most probably the frustration of your current situation ... try all the usuals, count to 10, think before you speak, minimal answers yes and no or just shutting up sometimes does the trick lol.
people do recover ... read some success stories, try and keep your chin up, tc ... andrew

16-03-05, 19:54
Hi All,

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. I'm feeling a lot better today I'm trying to convience my sister to come away with me at easter with her partner and my neice and nephew so that is giving me something to look forward to. I also spoke to my mum and dad and told them to back of a bit and they said sorry and that they didnt realise they was doing it. I said its probably just the way i feel at the mo and they were fine Bless them they mean well. Going to keep going to CBT as i know in the long run it will help i just felt a bit down about stuff yesterday but you know what they say it has to get worse to get better.
Anyway thanks agian for your replies


16-03-05, 20:05
Lou lou.

Thats progress in itself that you have taken these steps today to make your situation easier.

Well done

You cannot conquer fear until you have learned what it is you're afraid of. The enemy is ignorance. Vivian Vance