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04-03-08, 21:21
I'm 34 and weigh 14st. My stomach is very very swollen, in fact I look like I'm nine months pregnant and my stomach is hard to the touch. My stomach is bigger now than it was when I was carrying my daughter full term.

I'm often breathless from walking up the stairs and I'm really worried. I also have a swollen lymph node in my armpit which the doc found a couple of weeks ago and told me to 'keep an eye on'. I'm going back to the doctors on Friday but I've been googling my symptoms and it's all coming up with cancer and other scary things.

I'm really frightened now. I don't have any pain or anything, just the horrible swelling and breathlessness.

04-03-08, 21:52
This sounds like bloatedness and I get it too.

My neighbour asked when the baby was due till I explained I wasn't even pregnant! I do look it though

Try looking at your diet and cutting out wheat and pasta etc to start with and see how it goes.

I had to see a dietician about mine but it is just as bad now but I may have IBS apparently which doesn't help.

Also when you are overweight like I am the breathing is restricted cos of the abdomen pushing up and restricting the breathing space.

The doc can feel you abdomen for any abnormalities.

05-03-08, 01:11
I get this quite alot.. I also get the breathing symptoms that make my breathing seemed forced and it feels like someone is siting on my chest..

All anxiety.

22-12-08, 00:34
hi my partner has had this bloated tummy for approx 3 years she has maybe 3 days in the week when its not bloated after seeing many specialsts having a camera down her throat a camera elsewhere twice and being refered to two hospitals they arrived at a build up of yeast candida now having pretty much cut out the yeas she is 90 percent better her symptoms were exactly yours stress is also a factor the more you worry the more you bloat. so dont stress try cutting out the yeast candida herbal tablets really work to break down the yeast basicly the yeast over time ferments in your tummy causing it to rise like bread in the oven it also causes small holes in the stomach lining that leads to pain and indigestion dont worry dont stress and dont eat mushrooms they contain more yeast than bread hope this helps mik. ps candida tablets are 22 a pack from the herbal shop but tesco are doing them at the mo for 8