View Full Version : Does IBS Really Hurt this bad????

05-03-08, 07:43
I can't remember ever having an episode worse or as bad as this before. But then again every time i'm obsessing over a symptom its never "just" the same as last time, its always the worst. But seriously though, this Really hurts! I read the symptoms of IBS (as if i had to) (don't worry i didn't google, got the symptoms here) one of the things it said is that the pain should not wake you, well it did so thats what makes me really worry that its something else. So what do you think? What is your experience with IBS? How bad does the pain get? Help:weep:

05-03-08, 09:29
Right ok - firstly calm down because stress and anxiety wil make your ibs worse !!
I have had ibs for 8 years now. sometimes i have no pain at all and other times i have been in so much pain(and dont laugh) but i have sat on loo thinking can i be having a baby and notice i was pregnant for 9 months (and i am serious when i say that) Thing is with ibs is that its different for every single person and ther eis no rule with ibs as to what u can n cant eat or what should lift the pain - it really is a personal preference !!
However as a rule it shouldt wake you - but then that all depends on what you ate in the past 48 hours that come back on you - i have been woken up before with mine at like 4am !!
Normally the pain if it is so bad will lift when you have a bowel movement. But thats only normally and the people that write the books have to generalise it on a mojority case senario !!
Have you had tests ?? and who have you seen about your ibs ?? - I am also studying a diploma in diet and nutrition so if i can be of any help - i shall do my best !! xxx

05-03-08, 12:48
Have you had tests ?? and who have you seen about your ibs ?? - I am also studying a diploma in diet and nutrition so if i can be of any help - i shall do my best !! xxx

Thank You for responding:hugs: I had a colonoscopy many years ago by a gastro doc that told me i had ibs. He put me on some kind of muscle relaxers that didn't work, he told me to watch what i ate and take some kind of fiber suppliment. I think most of my ibs problems are triggered by stress, sometimes by food but mostly stress! And when i get bad times with ibs i obsess over it which is probably why i get so bad with it. I get to the point where i'm convinced its something else and it always comes to "Internal Bleeding" for some reason, i can picture the blood filling up in me causing the pain and bloating:wacko: Sometimes it seem strange to me to be thinking that but other times it is very real to me and what makes it worse is i'm terrified of the dr and hospital so i wont go there. I used to go but bad experiences have kept me away. Here i go again babbling on and on:doh: Sorry! i'll close for now.

06-03-08, 15:03
Oh Hun..just wanted to say i have ibs too and it is vile..i find too much fibre makes me worse:ohmy: and stress certainly started it all off:mad: warm bathes are helpful..helps release the trapped wind:blush: Jaccuzi??Who needs one!!:ohmy: I too have thought i was in labour ..honest!!And at 53 not much chance really is there:wacko: ..hey try and relax your busy brain ..and KNOW that although it is horrible it cant kill you:flowers: ...love Paddie.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

06-03-08, 15:19
When I have a bout of this, it feels like my entire insides are twisting round. I can hear the gas inside popping and sometimes it even bangs quite loudly inside....

I was so worried, and had all the tests as did you - and it was confirmed as IBS.

What helped me a lot, was a trip to an alternative meds shop - where they did food allergy testing. They told me I was allergic to mushrooms and bananas, so when I cut these things out of my diet completely and started taking acidopholus pills, this really helped. My bouts are now few and far between now.

I had lots of occasions where the pain woke me, I ended up in casualty several times before my eventual IBS diagnosis. The doc told me that bowel cancer very rarely presents as pain.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

11-05-15, 14:31
I have ibs too I find it very hard to pass gas. I have severe abdominal cramping that forces me to run not walk to the bathroom. I have a more rare form most are constipated. I am total opposit. I can't seem to be rid of the bloating. I get attacks several times a month. I think mine come to be because I lost my gallbladder, and worsened when I lost 6 feet 2" of my intestines, due to a navel hernia. I know that's when the God awful cramping started I was told early on after gallbladder was removed I had what was called a spastic colon and read it is another name for IBS. Anyone know of something to help with the bloating? Doc gives me Dicyclomine for cramps. I am talking over the counter colon health probiotics in hopes it will help regulate me better. Any and all help is welcome.