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07-03-08, 02:20
A little tale from someone who is wiser;

I suffered from panic/anxiety for over 20 years.I was given seroxat by my gp in 1997.during that time was less anxious and i thought it was great I was cured ! but i started piling on weight, lost my sex drive and generally got to a stage where I was not anxious but I did not care either! I stopped the drug in 2005 and suffered the most horrendous withdrawl symptoms ! you think panic /anxiety are bad they are nothing compared to what I have endured.

3 years have passed since i stopped taking Seroxat and I am still having problems.

The reason for my story is to let people know that ,what they feel now can get a whole lot worse ! Try anything else but do not take this!

07-03-08, 20:33
hi squirrel,

a doctor suggested I go on seroxat ages ago to ease panic symptoms.I didnt and just wouldnt.
what are the problems you are still having as a result of it?

bet :flowers:

14-06-08, 19:51
squirrel, I was on seroxat for years and that was 10 yrs ago, I was not so bad just few panic attacks but I begged my doc for them, I beleive since taking seroxat it has caused more problems than before. I successfuly withdrew from them although it took me a long time and that was about 5 yrs ago. Since then I have been on other tab that didnt work as well but I believe that my really bad anxiety was since taking them and I will never be the same again Having said that they were the only ones that worked for me but have damaged me in the process if you can understand.

14-06-08, 20:33
I'll add a quick one from me as my usual posts run for pages :)

I suffered short term from PA's / Anxiety back in 1996 and was put on Seroxat for 1 month. After the month I was fine and withdrew with only a few short lived side effects. The doc never mentioned Panic Attacks or Anxiety, just prescribed and said it would make things better, and it did.

10 years later when my PA's returned I actually knew what they were then and asked for Seroxat as it worked previously. After 3 days I stopped taking them myself as I'd heard / read too many horror stories like the one above. Especially when drinking alcohol to excess too as I was.

Everyone is different, but for me this time around this med just wasn't suitable.