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14-03-08, 16:57
Have been taking propanolol for 2 years and just wondered how many is safe to take in one day if they come in 10 mg tabs.
What is the limit for the day.
Bearing in mind feel sedated quickly by them but need them as adrenaline control is what bodie needs.

30-03-08, 20:04
Im on 10mg 3 times a day,but doc said to take 2 tabs 3 times a day if needed,ur better off askin ur doctor about that one

31-03-08, 15:54
I have 40 mg tabs of propanolol which I can take three times a day along with other meds. However, agree with Claire, always check with your GP even a wee phone call to the surgery rather than a visit can answer your question.

Pooh x

31-03-08, 16:10
Hi can anyone tell me what propanolol is and is it good?
Richie xxxx

31-03-08, 19:20
its a beta blocker used mainly for blood pressure etc but can work on the physical symptoms of anxiety but doesnt help the mental side. For example if you have the racing heart etc it may help

Love Joy

31-03-08, 20:47
Thanks joy x for explaining
no i don't get that many physical symptoms, except for rushing to loo often!! tis the pyschological ones need help for most
Physical ones i just put on the back burner, have to :(

31-03-08, 21:05
They didnt work for me because i dont get any physical symptoms just the feelings of wanting to run and extreme tension.
Actually been feeling better the last 3 days, hardly dare think the meds are working at last

love joy

31-03-08, 21:22
Thats great joy, xx
glad they are helping and starting to work at long last eh, Which ones do u use?
Richie xxxxxxxxx

31-03-08, 21:43
Sertraline aka Lustral or zoloft . Lots of names Lol
Not believing anything yet tho cos I've had good spells on other meds but they crashed out
Love Joy

07-05-08, 16:10
Great for the physical side especially adrenaline realease and control.
Not do anything for the mental side of psychological side to it like.

08-07-08, 01:17
As already been said great for adrenaline control and stopping papls, also helped me with my skipped beats etc.