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19-03-05, 22:08
Can anyone recommend a guided meditation or intro to meditation cd please, there are so many available and would like one that is really easy to get into but effective as I have not done it before and find it difficult to relax at all.

many thanks

high flyer
26-04-05, 18:30
Hiya i have a set of tapes on insight meditation that is published by the spirit rock foundation. I think it was from amazon i bought it. Its not intrusive very gentle and its done in a way that you dont even need to believe in buddha or any religion. The name on the box is jack kornfield and its called the inner art of meditation. He has some good anicdotes and gave me a bit of hope when i thought i would never be able to relax again. You could try tai chi and chi kung (standing meditation) as well. If you get an instructional one the light foundation has some good ones just look it up on the net.

hope that helps a bit[^]

27-04-05, 13:07
Hi Katiekatie,
I'm using one called 'Inner Sanctuary' by Simonette Vaja which isn't too 'way out' and not scary. I got it off Amazon so you could read the reviews there and make up your mind. Sometimes meditation tapes come under visualisation too.
Love Piglet