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23-03-08, 19:29
Ok I've been on sertraline for almost 8 weeks at 150mg and to be honest I'm not much better. Now and again I have a good day but not many. The panic seems a little less but the free floating anxiety is still around and sleeping is impossible.

An added complication is that for the last 3 weeks I've had bad stomach ache. Went to the Gp on Monday who said I was producing too much acid and gave me some jallop which so far isnt doing anything and I 'm now wondering if it could be a side effect but wouldnt have thought so after this time.

Prob be speaking to the shrink next week and havent got a clue what to tell him as we've tried most things without success.

Feeling rather desperate at the mo.

When I have a good day I think thank god its working then the next day i suffer from terminal disappointment.


23-03-08, 19:50
Try talking to your doctor, i dont know a whole lot about meds but i do know that some meds work better for some people. Maybe its time to change to another med.

Good luck and keep us posted :)

23-03-08, 20:06
Tried most of them now sadly so options are getting limited


24-03-08, 02:54
Have you tried to exercise regularly? It's hard to keep up but mit does help with most anxiety and panic issues.. :) That and regular breathing exercises.

Give it a try..

24-03-08, 11:59
Hi Joy, I am so sorry this hasn't worked worked for you, I know that shrinks have access to medication that docs can't prescribe so I hope you find something to help.Please don't give up and keep trying to distract yourself I find I always feel better when I have been out with the dogs.
Wishing you all the luck in the world.:flowers:
Love:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

24-03-08, 12:45
I'm out all the time and I'm mistress of distraction and walk the dog for at least an hour a day so I'm doing according to the shrink all the right things so I dunno


25-03-08, 10:54
Joy keep in touch and pm me anytime.

25-03-08, 15:58
Dear joy sorry don't take this the wrong way, but you do seem to be doing very well if you are out all the time and go for long walks.
I think thats brilliant, perhaps you don't need the medication ??
I say this although don;t know obviously your case history of course and am prob jumping to conclusions
It's just that i would gladly chop off myr ight arm to do those things right at the moment :) :)
Best wishes Richie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

26-03-08, 14:59
I know it sounds like I'm doing Ok buy fortunately agrophobia never grabbed me so it is possible to go out but sometimes at great cost.
My prob is that Seroxat worked for many years and when I came off it , nothing has worked since not even going back on Seroxat. I know how it feels to be good and normal on meds and this is a million miles from it.hence its very upsetting and many of the meds have made it much much worse so who knows. No Medics seem to know why nothing works personally I think Seroxat has damaged me in some way that I'm immune

Love Joy