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Muddled Mind
24-03-05, 00:21
Has anyone taken 'KALMS' how have they found them. Do they help ?


24-03-05, 00:26
Hi Cheryl

When i first started suffering i took them and they did help me but i progessed to the next stage where i need more help.

They did help me sleep on a night though.

Love Sal xx

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24-03-05, 00:40
hi chryl
i have taken KALMS and found them to be helpful but they do take a week or so to start working, another thing you could try is RESCUE REMEMDY it is herbal as well.


24-03-05, 11:20
hi kalms do work eventually but they also work out very expensive try the rescue remedy it seems expensive to start but it does last ages

fan x

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