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erica alba
02-04-08, 21:14
Hi everyone! I've just discovered this site and I wondered if there is anyone out there who can help me. I was on seroxat on and off for 6 years. It did help me at the time and I didn't have any side effects whilst taking the drug. Coming off it was a bit of a nightmare and it took me about 7 months to properly come of it whilst experiencing terrible effects. However, the symptoms seemed to fade and I felt ok. I thought this was the end to it. I'm not so sure now!

6 months after I stopped taking seroxat I developed syptoms of an inner ear infection. I had terrible vertigo,sometimes blackouts, pressure in one side of the head, nausea and sometimes felt a bit surreal. These feelings really scared me and got worse with time. I then kept developing signs of sinusitis. I had bouts when I would feel like I had a virus and then I would be ok after a few days. I remember I had 5 bouts of feeling unwell in the space of 2 months. I was perscribed so many antibiotics! I went to see an ENT specialist who decided it wasn't sinusitis or inner ear. He and my GP both said that it could be due to stress or depression and wanted to give me more anti-depressents which I refused. I didn't believe it was depression as I was the most content I had been in months apart from having this ill feeling. The dizziness seemed to subside anyway but then I kept getting terrible nerve pains in my jaw and ear and the right side of my face. I had never experienced this before and I am pleased to say I haven't experienced pains in my head of signs of sinusitis or inner ear for about 4 months now. HOWEVER, recently I have developed signs of gastritis. Three weeks ago, I had pains in my chest which were so bad I had a massive panic attack and ended up going to A&E thinking it was something worse. (I've never experienced a panic attack before and never realised that they could be so horrendous. I thought I was dying!). The hospital visit was awful. They weren't very sympathetic and thought I had a pyscriactric disorder. (I'm in Italy and my Italian is not so great which made the situation even more stressful). I'm now awaiting results from blood tests and urine tests for my gastritis (if it is that). I also keep on getting terrible nerve like shooting pains in my legs and arms and back.

Ok...well that's my story. I'm sorry it goes on a bit but I just want to know if anyone else has experienced symptoms a year of so after coming off seroxat. I can't say if my symptoms are due to seroxat but it seems strange seeing that I've never had them before. I've spent a fortune on medicine for different things and seeing specialists (here you have to pay unlike the uk) and missed work due to my problems. Thanks so much for your time!

02-04-08, 21:57
erica hi
cant help with this hon, sorry
but would like to welcome u to the site, and im sure someone out there will be able to help u,put seroxat in seach, and u can read all threads, my be they will be of help.

good luck

03-04-08, 10:13
Sounds like muscle tension to me. DO you find you shoulders are often tensed around your ears? Pay attention to your jaw as well - are you tensing it up subconsciously?

03-04-08, 18:44
If you google "Seroxatmad." Its a really good english site with people that are on ,off or suffering with withdrawal etc. Loads of people who can help you out


erica alba
03-04-08, 21:01
Thanks for your help! I'll have a look.