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07-04-08, 09:53
Hi all,

I had been feeling quite rough last week and decided to go to the Doctor's on Friday. She said it sounded like I had IBS as I had all the classic symptoms.

She said they cannot do tests for it, but its just a case of trial and error when it comes to eliminating foods. However, after what I had told her I'd been eating, she said that dairy could be the culprit.

I am already gluten intolerant so it's not like its a massive life change because I am used to not being able to eat "normal" things. But its just frustrating because I have to be even more careful when buying anything now :mad:

I got myself some soya milk and I had more trouble finding dairy free spread but found that Vitalite was dairy free. Luckily my gluten-free bread is dairy free too.

I want to make sure I get my nutrients though - does anyone else suffer and if so, do they have any tips?

Thanks :hugs:

Jo xxxxx

07-04-08, 12:38

Its Truly Horrible, Ive Had Ibs A Few Years Now And Have Recently Moved So Its Flared Up Again...

....with Me Its Onion, Peppers And Spicy Foods...so I Avoid Them At All Costs...lol

Stress Can Also Bring It On....

My Doctor Prescribed Buscopan, Which Are Good, I Only Take Them When I Need Them, They Can Be Bought Over The Counter,

I Hope You Feel Better Soon Jo

Dawny X

07-04-08, 13:18
Hi Dawny :hugs:

Yes, I've been prescribed with Buscopan as well. Its just such a pain having to do all this trial and error because I dont like being so uncomfortable.

I feel a lot better now but still a bit tender. I am worried about eating the wrong thing but I guess we just have to take one thing at a time.

A friend of mine is allergic to dairy too. She cant have milk/cheese or butter but she said she can eat milk chocolate. She also knows a friend who cannot have cheese "raw" but cooked cheese (ie cheese on toast) is ok because it alters the proteins.

I'm not sure if I want to go through all that trial and error. I'd rather not have it at all. Besides, I had some "cooked" cheese on Friday night and I felt terrible afterwards so I dont think cheese is on the menu anymore.

I'm going to hunt down a bar of Green and Blacks dark chocolate, I think I am safe with those at least lol

Jo xxxxx

07-04-08, 15:32
When I had a really bad case of this, I went to a local health food shop and for 20 they did food allergy testing - and discovered I was allergic to bananas and mushrooms. I was a bit sceptical, but cut them out of my diet (i was eating a lot of mushroom protein in Quorn at the time as veggie) - and now, I rarely get any problems with IBS!

I didn't find buscopan worked for me, but I suppose we are all different.


07-04-08, 21:14
Hey Fairy

Yeah I think Holland and Barrett do it so I will have to see if my local one is doing the testing.

Thanks hun

Jo xxxxx